working outside, the bridge wreathed in deep purples and golds, colors that if combined in paint would yield mud instead displayed for a limited time in the sky. on my way home, the scene moved quickly, clouds flitting by and cavorting in the changing light until the curtain set silently and the lights began to wink on revealing the liquid ameoba and its manifold connective appendages below.

_4870DSC_5360 _4871DSC_5364 _4872DSC_5367 _4873DSC_5368 _4874DSC_5369

star baby by jote [Waldorf schools make star babies to give to children on their birthdays]

_4882DSC_5383 _4883DSC_5384




burn.rise :

sweep slumber from your self, awaken dawn within. eyes wide, great the great heat, burning away that which is no longer serving you. wring out your bones and sing your soul. rise flaming phoenix, beckoned, becoming by breath. paint your dreams upon the canvas of your life in riotous color to rival the glowing dawn. purple mountain majesty, your cotton candy clouds a pastel pastry perfection, filled with the powdery power of a dusting of dreams still settling.

#mountain #colorfulsunrise #pastelsunrise #burningman



_4867DSC_5357 _4866DSC_5356



humid, baking, sweltering, overbearing roasty sun beats down, lungs seared by wet heat. turning head, limbs soggy, moving through space with great effort as if underwater, a slight coolness is found, a secret note slipped under the hot oppressive blanket. following the trail feels like dipping into ribbons of layered silk. cascading down into the juicy dancing blues of the river, the dappled sunlight as zebra stripe punctuating the water. the liquid flow a muscular languid anaconda, plump pumping. deep lush greenery behind shimmering red curtains of heat, the river a drink for the eyes.

#africa #river #anaconda #juicy


green grass

_4865DSC_5354 _4864DSC_5352


sky on fire


_4862DSC_5346 _4861DSC_5345

the studio


blackhawk's paintings are Sta's work hit me up if you'd like one made of your fave team


Berkeley's county: organic fuji apples

_4782DSC_5237 _4781DSC_5236 _4780DSC_5235 _4779DSC_5234 _4778DSC_5233 _4777DSC_5230 _4776DSC_5228 _4775DSC_5227 _4774DSC_5226 _4773DSC_5225 _4772DSC_5224 _4771DSC_5222 _4770DSC_5220 _4769DSC_5215 _4768DSC_5213 _4767DSC_5212 _4766DSC_5211 _4765DSC_5210 _4764DSC_5209 _4763DSC_5208 _4762DSC_5207

in process

_4761DSC_5206 _4760DSC_5205 _4759DSC_5200 _4758DSC_5197 _4757DSC_5196 _4756DSC_5194 _4755DSC_5192 _4754DSC_5191 _4753DSC_5190 _4752DSC_5189 _4751DSC_5188 _4750DSC_5187 _4749DSC_5186 _4747DSC_5184


I am able to breathe in our distance :

For in proximity to you I become breathless.


body - billions of triumphantly buzzing trumpets,

effortlessly etching aching effervescence,

pretermitting the typical time to sustain a smile

searing shadow bone-bound


Short-circuited by zesty electric potentiality, lightning pickling prickling skin,

heated heartbeats : melting molten wax,

warm wetness, rising swell

spewing deep-dark volcanoes,

cavernous crevices - oceanic openness


Awakening ancient dormant forms,

caterwauling creatures clamoring without cessation for culmination,

creative combination – concrete manifestation of this meeting of minds

massively multiplied mutation of magnetic magnitude

so this is magic


Why have I waited, dancing in the space between enacted realities?

a past wish to present a polished wholeness of self: solid, certain, complete,

previous : paralyzed in promulgation of passion, frozen in fright of marring possibility,

present : brave, fear of failure fading

owning my unfolding

welcoming my wildness as where wonder wanders without want

Free to seek wisdom as it wills


waveform drifting upon the play of potential – collapsed through choice into cupped container

foundation offering broad backbone from which to bloom forth

No longer sepulchral specter / slumbering spectator :

Although each act of creation is the destruction of all other possibilities,

finding freedom in restriction


& even as our strides strive towards separation

I bless your journey as you walk your path

May you know your stroll has swayed at least one soul to song

burning man 2014 ~ welcome home whirld - roamers


please credit alexarazma.com for photos and share your profits ~ be they financial or referential

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_4279DSC_4568_4278DSC_4567_4277DSC_4566_4276DSC_4565_4275DSC_4564_4274DSC_4563_4261DSC_4548_4194DSC_4462_4193DSC_4458_4192DSC_4448_4191DSC_4447_4190DSC_4440_4189DSC_4438_4188DSC_4437_4187DSC_4436_4186DSC_4431_4185DSC_4428_4184DSC_4425_4183DSC_4424_4177DSC_4412_4287DSC_4578 _4286DSC_4577 _4285DSC_4575 _4284DSC_4574 _4283DSC_4573 _4282DSC_4572 _4281DSC_4571 _4280DSC_4570

_4355DSC_4674 _4331DSC_4641 _4389DSC_4718 _4388DSC_4717 _4387DSC_4716 _4386DSC_4715 _4385DSC_4714 _4384DSC_4713 _4383DSC_4712 _4382DSC_4711 _4381DSC_4709 _4380DSC_4704 _4379DSC_4702 _4378DSC_4701 _4377DSC_4700 _4376DSC_4699 _4375DSC_4698 _4374DSC_4697 _4373DSC_4696 _4372DSC_4695 _4371DSC_4694 _4370DSC_4693 _4369DSC_4691 _4368DSC_4690 _4367DSC_4688 _4366DSC_4687 _4365DSC_4686 _4364DSC_4685 _4363DSC_4684 _4362DSC_4683 _4361DSC_4682 _4360DSC_4681 _4359DSC_4680 _4358DSC_4679 _4357DSC_4677 _4356DSC_4675 _4354DSC_4672 _4353DSC_4671 _4352DSC_4669 _4351DSC_4668 _4350DSC_4667 _4349DSC_4666 _4348DSC_4665 _4347DSC_4664 _4346DSC_4659 _4345DSC_4658 _4344DSC_4657 _4343DSC_4656 _4342DSC_4655 _4341DSC_4654 _4340DSC_4653 _4339DSC_4652 _4338DSC_4650 _4337DSC_4647 _4336DSC_4646 _4335DSC_4645 _4334DSC_4644 _4333DSC_4643 _4332DSC_4642 _4330DSC_4638 _4329DSC_4637 _4328DSC_4636 _4327DSC_4635 _4326DSC_4634 _4325DSC_4633 _4324DSC_4632 _4323DSC_4631 _4322DSC_4630 _4321DSC_4629 _4320DSC_4628 _4319DSC_4627 _4318DSC_4625 _4317DSC_4624 _4316DSC_4622 _4315DSC_4618 _4314DSC_4616 _4313DSC_4615 _4312DSC_4613 _4311DSC_4612 _4310DSC_4608 _4309DSC_4607 _4308DSC_4605 _4307DSC_4604 _4306DSC_4603 _4305DSC_4602 _4304DSC_4601 _4303DSC_4600 _4302DSC_4599 _4301DSC_4597 _4300DSC_4596 _4299DSC_4595 _4298DSC_4594 _4297DSC_4593 _4296DSC_4592

_4549DSC_4891 _4533DSC_4873 _4532DSC_4872

_4571DSC_4958 _4572DSC_4959

_4576DSC_4967 _4657DSC_5055 _4656DSC_5054 _4652DSC_5048 _4651DSC_5047 _4650DSC_5046 _4649DSC_5045 _4648DSC_5044 _4647DSC_5043 _4646DSC_5042 _4645DSC_5041 _4644DSC_5040 _4643DSC_5039 _4642DSC_5038 _4641DSC_5037 _4640DSC_5036 _4639DSC_5035 _4638DSC_5034 _4637DSC_5033 _4636DSC_5032 _4635DSC_5031 _4634DSC_5030 _4633DSC_5029 _4632DSC_5028 _4631DSC_5027 _4630DSC_5026 _4629DSC_5025 _4628DSC_5024 _4627DSC_5023 _4626DSC_5022 _4625DSC_5021 _4624DSC_5020 _4623DSC_5019 _4622DSC_5017 _4621DSC_5016 _4620DSC_5015 _4619DSC_5014 _4618DSC_5013 _4616DSC_5011 _4615DSC_5010 _4613DSC_5008 _4612DSC_5007 _4611DSC_5006 _4610DSC_5005 _4609DSC_5003 _4608DSC_5002 _4607DSC_5001 _4606DSC_5000 _4605DSC_4999 _4604DSC_4998 _4603DSC_4997 _4602DSC_4996 _4601DSC_4995 _4600DSC_4994 _4599DSC_4993 _4598DSC_4991 _4597DSC_4990 _4596DSC_4989 _4595DSC_4988  _4593DSC_4986 _4592DSC_4984 _4591DSC_4983 _4590DSC_4982 _4589DSC_4981 _4588DSC_4980 _4587DSC_4979 _4586DSC_4978 _4585DSC_4977 _4583DSC_4975 _4581DSC_4973 _4580DSC_4972 _4579DSC_4971 _4578DSC_4970 _4577DSC_4968


_4655DSC_5051 _4654DSC_5050 _4653DSC_5049 _4582DSC_4974 _4681DSC_5088 _4680DSC_5087 _4679DSC_5086 _4678DSC_5083 _4677DSC_5080 _4676DSC_5079 _4675DSC_5078 _4674DSC_5077 _4673DSC_5076 _4672DSC_5075 _4671DSC_5074 _4670DSC_5073 _4669DSC_5072 _4668DSC_5071 _4667DSC_5070 _4666DSC_5069 _4665DSC_5068 _4664DSC_5067 _4663DSC_5066 _4662DSC_5065 _4661DSC_5064 _4660DSC_5063