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we are all inextricably, interdependently linked - bound by webs of reliance not only of material exchange, but of sharing, evolution, and love - each a knot of spirit folded and condensed into the physical world, a thread of the vast fabric in which all are bound. 


nothing is separate, nothing is lost. reverberations of each action echo throughout all possible universes - as above, so below. personal responsible for the energy that one takes and gives to the world is necessary through deep contemplation. 

live without regret, drink deeply of this experience, evolve beyond the ease of bowing to the inertia of the situation one may find oneself in. 

in each moment manifest the world one hopes for in one's wildest dreams: a place of genuine love, compassion, where there is no fear because the root of fear is separation from the realization that we are all one in manifold forms.

: together we surthrive : 


so much love, my heart overflows : aum


~ expression ~

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