d's recommended loop: Mountain to slight left bike trail (between Joaquin Miller + freeway oncoming ramp at the intersection of Mountain and JM), feeds into Burdeck on left, right on Butters, right on JM, left on Skyline, right on Snake, right on Colton pros: avoid steep portion of JM though pleasant wooded suburbia on Burdeck and Butters

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to the individual who re-appropriate my bike and lock from the chain link fence which it was affixed to along the side of my home:

the right hand brake [rear wheel] sticks - you are not going to want to use that one, because every time you clamp it down, it will remain in that grinding wheel position, causing you to loose what little momentum you may gain in pedaling until you stop and physically wrench that sucker apart again manually

when you pedal - you will notice the chain skipping and average of 3 times per rotation - this is normal and unavoidable with a 10 year chain, which is what your bike is equipped with. there are two strategies - working with it, or against it.

working with it: pedal very softly initially until you build up your momentum and you are riding the knife edge of having it ‘chunk’ forward, and applying pressure only as delicately as needed.

working against it: just pedal as hard as possible, it will skip like a preschooler at recess but you power through the jolts, because, hey, it’s a gotta catch sometime, eh?

the left hand brake - worn down, on a good day it will somewhat slow you 1/3 of the time, dead stops impossible, clamp down on that sucka like a lobster claw and yall get carpal tunnel

it is not recommended to attempt to hand brake in the rain, because it ain’t gonna happen

also, the seat retains a great deal of moisture, likely due to the large holes on the right side of the seat.

oh you think it’s a 21 speed? no, you are 3, 7 permanently my friend, we ain’t fancy, and that jazz aint happenin, but you can sure try. let me know how that works out for you.

also the handlebar grips shed gray and black sticky glue balls, so be aware.


if there is any way you can return my basket, bungee cord, and flags (most of them were gifts), that would be much appreciated, thanks.


p.s. now I can realize my dream of unicycling.