d's recommended loop: Mountain to slight left bike trail (between Joaquin Miller + freeway oncoming ramp at the intersection of Mountain and JM), feeds into Burdeck on left, right on Butters, right on JM, left on Skyline, right on Snake, right on Colton pros: avoid steep portion of JM though pleasant wooded suburbia on Burdeck and Butters

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midnight da kitteh cat

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lacinato / dinosaur kale

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oakland ecstatic dance vip pass - volunteer and you too can be a member of this transcendent community!

hiked to the tippy top of the highest point in oakland. soak up nature - you can feel the healing in your breath

also...just found out that this area of the site [perchance only 'home'?] has a memory allocation and that ceiling has been hit- stay tuned for updates as more details are revealed in subsequent newscasts