d's recommended loop: Mountain to slight left bike trail (between Joaquin Miller + freeway oncoming ramp at the intersection of Mountain and JM), feeds into Burdeck on left, right on Butters, right on JM, left on Skyline, right on Snake, right on Colton pros: avoid steep portion of JM though pleasant wooded suburbia on Burdeck and Butters

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in the woods there is a blanket of stillness, silence, crisply punctured by birdsong. the rain falls in musical patterns on the tent. packing your home the size of 2 gallons of water, but with a weight like packed leaves. fruit, nuts, berries. do you carry fire, water, shelter, your bed, waterproof skin, home, tools? carabineers, rope, handkerchiefs, plastic bags to put wet clothes or “pack it in, pack it out” created garbage. leave no trace. the scent of decomposing leaves washed clean by the rain. my spirit balloons into the open air. this is the mouth of the womb of the world. this mountain is pink and red, ‘basalt’ A.C. tells me, and she rocks, so she knows. grandmother rock supports me and trees float on narrow shelves of rock. the echoes of coyotes lap up the rock and ghosts answer on the mountain. lichens a growing multicolored language on rocks like dark meteorites not borne of this world. lightning arcs like strobe lights, illuminating the threads of branches and the undersides of leaves. thunder rumbles like a snoring dragon in the sky.

i have obtained permission from those around me whom i know and love to upload their pictures to the world wide web to be used for their glorification and stardom [in actuality so that they would have access and so others could see how i photograph peoples] thank you for your cooperation, my lovely models!

thanksgiving 2010

be aware that as you consume the flesh of the turkey that you are killing and feeding off of another being to sustain yourself. this is not a criticism, but a call for awareness. if you needed to kill all the animals that you consume by your own hand, would you change your meat consumption patterns? think about what you are putting into your body, and the situations surrounding its growth and creation. you consume it's life force, realize this for the gift that it is, and thank it silently for the nourishment it provides you.

the winter makes one feel alive - the body is reminded of its fight to survive the elements. it is a time of getting back to basics - shelter, warmth, bed, home, comfort food, carbohydrates, putting on layers to bundle and protect, sleep, restoration, going back to your roots to outlast this portion of time.

stay strong, fortify, extol in the variety of experience. without cold there is no hot, for comparison is the ability to distinguish difference. this time is hard for all - persevere and choose not to suffer.