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alight, burning bright with an idea?

in applying your will, you can manifest it ! *

_2036DSC_1019 _2037DSC_1020  

snow daze



tie dye tip: after you mix your dyes, ideally use them the same day or within the next few days.

I waited two weeks after I mixed this dye to use it due to my work schedule, and as one can see, the colors are significantly less vibrant then my previous batch's hues. 


*time scale dependent on degree of difficulty, current laws of physics

tie dye expert tip: if you are utilizing a 8- or 16- wheel 'mandala' or 'snowflake' folding pattern (commonly used to make mandalas, lotuses, flower, and stars) and you wish to include black in your work, do not simply dye one side black, as is the natural inclination when folding with a 'two-sided' pattern such as the common scrunch fold, the ubiquitous galaxy swirl, or any mirror image. Coloring one side black works on these 'two-sided' patterns because the peaks of one side of the fold are the valleys of the other, and as such, will reveal themselves to be side by side 'stripes'. However, when one folds in a 'snowflake' pattern [I titled it thusly due to the fact that one uses this folding pattern (and cutting) to form the well-known craft favorite of paper snowflakes] it is utilizing 'panels', and the all-one color patterns will cluster next to each other.

solution? dye piece with brighter colors as desired then 'sprinkle' black onto both sides. The result is closed to the desired effect of more evenly spaced black locations.


dye life lessons: gifts always end up being one's best work. 

knowing just how much dye to use is all about practice and is highly project dependent. learn from mistakes and move forward (or sideways)

the absence of dye can make more of an impact then it's presence. 

there is a place for planning out every minute detail (folding pattern, color palate, dye pattern) and there is a place for spontaneity and surprises. nothing turns out exactly as planned or expected.


_1676_1645DSC_0314 _1677_1646DSC_0317

_1647DSC_0318 _1648DSC_0320

custom mod for a. r. v 2.0 - front and back pockets, custom patch with hand-drawn artwork

_1650DSC_0322_1678_1649DSC_0321 _1679_1651DSC_0324 _1680_1652DSC_0329 _1681_1653DSC_0332 

custom NU 

_1655DSC_0334_1682_1654DSC_0333 _1656DSC_0335 _1657DSC_0336

_1658DSC_0338 _1659DSC_0339


_1660DSC_0340 _1661DSC_0341

_1662DSC_0342 _1663DSC_0343

impactful with the single color palette - emphasis on the folding pattern : collar turned out particularly nice, close ups below

_1664DSC_0344 _1665DSC_0345


absence of dye makes a big statement

_1667DSC_0348 _1668DSC_0351 _1669DSC_0352 _1670DSC_0353 _1671DSC_0355 _1672DSC_0357 _1673DSC_0360

_1675DSC_0363 _1674DSC_0361

gotta love organic cotton socks

tie dye tips: choosing a limited color palate has its strengths. There is much to be said for diluting full strength shades of color into pastel shades. For example, to get pink (be it hot pink or light rose), add water to fuchsia, and test with a strip of scrap fabric until you obtain your desired shade (not much water for vibrant pink, for a light rose, add successively more water)

I also tested out sodium alginate thickener. To begin, I found it impossible to manually mix without clumping, although I not only shook it like the dickens, but attempted to squish the clumps out between the sides of the squeeze bottle. This was a semi-effective technique, however, and after a substantial portion of time engaging in this tactic and thought I had removed all of the clumps. However, when I began to use the color, I found that the clumps would clog the nozzle such that I had to apply extensive pressure to clear it as it slowly oozed out. However, eventually when that particular clump would clear,  the pent up pressure would cause an explosion of the dye, until it shortly ran into another clump. The results were incredible, with the thickener causing crisp lines and controlled application, but I need to further explore more effective mixing methods. 


earth tones


v. 1.0 of a double dye



custom work v. 1 for razzy


from darkness into light 60" x 40" 


pillowcase clearly not 100% natural fibers




tie dye pro (although I am no expert, I have spent many hours working on my craft and am beyond the level of a beginner) tips: colors on opposite wheels of the spectrum from one another look great next to each other or in the same position on the reverse side (will end up next door after reveal)

I use cotton thread to bind my folds and tie them tight - but be careful not to cause your design to buckle. I prefer them over rubber bands simply because one can get them tighter, cotton is more easily replenished over rubber trees (natural rubber) or crude oil (synthetic rubber), in addition to producing dyed threads which I then use in other projects. One I run out of my spool, I shall be using artificial sinew and will compare the two.

   _1393DSC_9950 _1392DSC_9949

it's never too late to mutate (print by ray troll) + mushroom tie dye


sin + arrow tie dye

_1389DSC_9944 _1388DSC_9943

represent 707 + flower


thick classy sweater




lace up - future mod with two front pockets


'el amor conquisara todo'




jean shorts


double rainbow all the way


your wish has been granted - this human has an etsy shop :


now your wildest x-made dreams can come true


also a new batch has been borne of the wash  -

dye life lessons and tips from this round:

perfection is statistically unlikely

no matter the amount of planning, there are always surprises, and these are often the greatest gifts

less is more - no need to over-saturate your project

too much dye ? don't squeeze it out, it fades your color and muddies your crisp lines - instead place it over a grate so it can drip out while the dye sets

contemplate your color choices - [this is from someone who loves rainbows and has to exert self-control to not always default to the whole spectrum] often a small selection of colors will have more impact



powdered dye art in the sink

_995DSC_9476 _996DSC_9478 _997DSC_9480

chocolat swirls  - the middle one looks like one meditating with arms outstretched_998DSC_9481

my tied bundles of joy have been described as voodoo dolls, spiders, and octopi_999DSC_9483 _1000DSC_9484

custom men's high fashion drip dye ombre work for PW - pre-washout

_1009DSC_9495 _1010DSC_9496

PW custom work post-washout (un-ideal lighting - white is not as blue)


spider-puss about to dye

_1002DSC_9486 _1003DSC_9487 _1004DSC_9488 _1005DSC_9489 _1006DSC_9490 _1007DSC_9491 _1008DSC_9493

black 'baconator' custom scarf work for CD



dyed bundles of expectation

_1012DSC_9500 _1013DSC_9501


_1014DSC_9504 _1015DSC_9505

blue bumblebee

_1016DSC_9507 _1017DSC_9508

small sachet

_1018DSC_9509 _1019DSC_9510



_1022DSC_9518 _1023DSC_9520 _1024DSC_9522 _1025DSC_9523

custom work for High Five Freedom