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day I - arrival

_3340DSC_3073 _3346DSC_3092 _3345DSC_3089 _3344DSC_3088 _3343DSC_3084 _3342DSC_3083 _3341DSC_3077

day II

_3347DSC_3094 _3357DSC_3106 _3356DSC_3105 _3352DSC_3099 _3351DSC_3098 _3350DSC_3097 _3349DSC_3096

_3358DSC_3108 _3365DSC_3115 _3364DSC_3114 _3363DSC_3113 _3362DSC_3112 _3361DSC_3111 _3360DSC_3110 _3359DSC_3109

_3366DSC_3116 _3378DSC_3130 _3377DSC_3127 _3376DSC_3126 _3375DSC_3125 _3374DSC_3124 _3373DSC_3123 _3372DSC_3122 _3371DSC_3121 _3369DSC_3119 _3368DSC_3118 _3367DSC_3117

day III - to Lamanai : Mayan 'City of the Submerged Crocodile'

_3379DSC_3131 _3393DSC_3153 _3392DSC_3152 _3391DSC_3150 _3390DSC_3149 _3389DSC_3148 _3387DSC_3145 _3386DSC_3140 _3385DSC_3139 _3384DSC_3138 _3383DSC_3137 _3382DSC_3135 _3381DSC_3133 _3380DSC_3132


_3394DSC_3154 _3408DSC_3178 _3407DSC_3176 _3406DSC_3175 _3405DSC_3174 _3404DSC_3173 _3403DSC_3171 _3402DSC_3170 _3401DSC_3168 _3400DSC_3167 _3399DSC_3166 _3398DSC_3165 _3397DSC_3158 _3396DSC_3157 _3395DSC_3155_3409DSC_3179 _3419DSC_3197 _3418DSC_3196 _3416DSC_3194 _3415DSC_3192 _3412DSC_3184 _3411DSC_3183 _3410DSC_3180

_3420DSC_3198 _3427DSC_3211 _3426DSC_3207 _3425DSC_3205 _3424DSC_3203 _3423DSC_3202 _3422DSC_3201 _3421DSC_3200_3428DSC_3212 _3435DSC_3220 _3434DSC_3219 _3433DSC_3217 _3430DSC_3214 _3429DSC_3213_3428DSC_3212_3436DSC_3224 _3444DSC_3234 _3443DSC_3233 _3441DSC_3230 _3440DSC_3228 _3439DSC_3227 _3438DSC_3226 _3437DSC_3225_3445DSC_3239 _3452DSC_3253 _3451DSC_3252 _3450DSC_3251 _3449DSC_3250 _3448DSC_3245 _3447DSC_3242 _3446DSC_3240_3453DSC_3254 _3460DSC_3263 _3459DSC_3262 _3458DSC_3261 _3457DSC_3260 _3456DSC_3259 _3455DSC_3257 _3454DSC_3256_3461DSC_3264 _3468DSC_3273 _3467DSC_3272 _3466DSC_3269 _3465DSC_3268 _3464DSC_3267 _3463DSC_3266 _3462DSC_3265_3469DSC_3274 _3476DSC_3283 _3475DSC_3282 _3474DSC_3281 _3473DSC_3280 _3472DSC_3278 _3471DSC_3276 _3470DSC_3275_3477DSC_3284 _3483DSC_3303 _3482DSC_3300 _3481DSC_3297 _3480DSC_3296 _3479DSC_3292 _3478DSC_3290_3484DSC_3304 _3490DSC_3310 _3489DSC_3309 _3488DSC_3308 _3487DSC_3307 _3486DSC_3306 _3485DSC_3305_3491DSC_3311 _3495DSC_3319 _3494DSC_3318 _3493DSC_3314_3500DSC_3325 _3502DSC_3327 _3492DSC_3312_3504DSC_3329 _3503DSC_3328 _3506DSC_3331 _3511DSC_3338 _3510DSC_3336 _3509DSC_3335 _3508DSC_3333 _3507DSC_3332_3512DSC_3339 _3518DSC_3346 _3517DSC_3345 _3516DSC_3344 _3515DSC_3343 _3514DSC_3342 _3513DSC_3340_3521DSC_3349 _3527DSC_3355 _3526DSC_3354 _3525DSC_3353 _3524DSC_3352 _3523DSC_3351 _3522DSC_3350_3528DSC_3356 _3534DSC_3365 _3533DSC_3364 _3532DSC_3363 _3531DSC_3362 _3530DSC_3358 _3529DSC_3357_3535DSC_3366 _3544DSC_3378 _3541DSC_3374 _3540DSC_3373 _3539DSC_3370 _3538DSC_3369 _3537DSC_3368_3545DSC_3380 _3551DSC_3386 _3550DSC_3385 _3549DSC_3384 _3548DSC_3383 _3547DSC_3382 _3546DSC_3381_3552DSC_3387 _3558DSC_3394 _3557DSC_3393 _3556DSC_3391 _3555DSC_3390 _3554DSC_3389 _3553DSC_3388_3561DSC_3397 _3567DSC_3403 _3566DSC_3402 _3565DSC_3401 _3564DSC_3400 _3563DSC_3399 _3562DSC_3398_3568DSC_3404 _3575DSC_3411 _3574DSC_3410 _3573DSC_3409 _3572DSC_3408 _3570DSC_3406 _3569DSC_3405_3576DSC_3412 _3583DSC_3426 _3582DSC_3423 _3581DSC_3421 _3580DSC_3419 _3579DSC_3416 _3577DSC_3413_3584DSC_3427 _3591DSC_3437 _3590DSC_3435 _3589DSC_3434  _3586DSC_3430 _3585DSC_3428_3592DSC_3439 _3598DSC_3448 _3597DSC_3447 _3596DSC_3446 _3595DSC_3445 _3594DSC_3444 _3593DSC_3441_3599DSC_3457 _3605DSC_3472 _3604DSC_3470 _3603DSC_3469 _3602DSC_3466 _3601DSC_3461 _3600DSC_3459_3615DSC_3486 _3621DSC_3502 _3620DSC_3501 _3618DSC_3492 _3617DSC_3489 _3616DSC_3488_3623DSC_3511 _3629DSC_3519 _3628DSC_3517 _3627DSC_3516 _3626DSC_3515 _3625DSC_3514 _3624DSC_3512_3630DSC_3520 _3636DSC_3527 _3635DSC_3525 _3634DSC_3524 _3633DSC_3523 _3632DSC_3522 _3631DSC_3521_3637DSC_3528 _3643DSC_3534 _3642DSC_3533 _3641DSC_3532 _3640DSC_3531 _3639DSC_3530 _3638DSC_3529_3644DSC_3535 _3650DSC_3548 _3649DSC_3547 _3648DSC_3545 _3647DSC_3538 _3646DSC_3537 _3645DSC_3536_3651DSC_3549 _3657DSC_3560 _3656DSC_3554 _3655DSC_3553 _3654DSC_3552 _3653DSC_3551 _3652DSC_3550_3658DSC_3561 _3664DSC_3568 _3663DSC_3567 _3662DSC_3565 _3661DSC_3564 _3660DSC_3563 _3659DSC_3562_3671DSC_3575 _3670DSC_3574 _3669DSC_3573 _3668DSC_3572 _3667DSC_3571 _3666DSC_3570 _3665DSC_3569_3672DSC_3576 _3678DSC_3583 _3677DSC_3582 _3676DSC_3581 _3675DSC_3580 _3674DSC_3579 _3673DSC_3577_3679DSC_3584 _3687DSC_3598 _3684DSC_3594 _3683DSC_3593 _3682DSC_3590 _3681DSC_3589 _3680DSC_3586_3688DSC_3599 _3473DSC_3280 _3466DSC_3269 _3340DSC_3073_3518DSC_3346 _3536DSC_3367 _3596DSC_3446 _3608DSC_3475 _3611DSC_3479 _3619DSC_3499 _3685DSC_3596 _3686DSC_3597


photos are in reverse - chronological order

edit: captions




beanie boos?

_1353DSC_9924 _1352DSC_9921 _1351DSC_9920 _1350DSC_9919 _1349DSC_9918 _1348DSC_9916 _1347DSC_9915 _1346DSC_9914 _1345DSC_9913 _1344DSC_9912 _1343DSC_9911 _1342DSC_9910 _1341DSC_9909 _1340DSC_9908 _1339DSC_9907 _1338DSC_9906 _1337DSC_9905 _1336DSC_9904 _1335DSC_9903 _1334DSC_9902 _1333DSC_9901 _1332DSC_9900 _1331DSC_9899 _1330DSC_9898 _1329DSC_9896 _1328DSC_9895 _1327DSC_9894 _1325DSC_9892 _1324DSC_9889 _1323DSC_9888 _1322DSC_9885 _1316DSC_9877 _1315DSC_9876

found a perfect sand dollar on the beach - which has never happened to me before. I was floored by this gift from the sea and carefully wrapped it in handkerchiefs and put it in a side pocket in my backpack. I tenderly transported it to the airport, at which point I had to travel through airport security as a sheeple with the other human cattle. I place my shoes, camera, phone, and empty my pockets into a bin and place my backpack behind it on the conveyor belt. As I am waiting in front to the baggage scanner entrance for someone to pat me down, a female security agent questions, "is this your bag" as she is holding it up, I nod and she says with an edge, "what do you have - rocks in here?" I replay, "as a matter of fact, I do" as she aggressively slams my back down on the side pocket right over the sand dollar. I see this happen in slow motion and as she is bringing the bag down say, "be careful there's a sand dollar in there!" but the inertia of her attitude is already in motion and it is too late for this grumpette. She replies, "we have to run it through again", and I nod.

As I move through the gate to the other side of the baggage screening, the pat down begins. In the midst of this event the female agent comes around to my front, holding my bag and stating, "I have to go through this, but I will just wait for you to be done". After the pat down concludes, I move over to the 'rifling through baggage / swiping  to check for chemical traces' area and the female agent states, "I am going to look through your bag" as she begins pulling out objects rapidly. I say, "ok, just be careful because I have a sand dollar in the side pocket". After a few moments pulling more objects out she asks,  "where is it?" and I point to the side pocket, stating "right there". She take out the wrappings and pokes it, saying "it's broken". I am stunned as she continues to finish rifling through my bag and removing each object, swiping my backpack with a white circular pad to run it through the chemical testing machine. The result comes up negative and she says, "you are free to put your things back" and I reply, maintaining my composure, "well security broke my sand dollar, is there anything I can do about that?" and she says, "we don't know it wasn't broken before it got here", turning her back on me.

the take away - certain members of Naples Florida airport security seem to be misanthropists.

_1314DSC_9875 _1313DSC_9874 _1312DSC_9873 _1311DSC_9872 _1310DSC_9871

deceased crab with exceptional shell patterns

_1309DSC_9870 _1308DSC_9869 _1307DSC_9868 _1306DSC_9867 _1305DSC_9866 _1304DSC_9865 _1303DSC_9864 _1302DSC_9863 _1301DSC_9862 _1300DSC_9861 _1299DSC_9860

cute sand play area for chi-rens_1298DSC_9859 _1297DSC_9858 _1296DSC_9857 _1295DSC_9856 _1294DSC_9855 _1293DSC_9854 _1292DSC_9851 _1291DSC_9850 _1290DSC_9847 _1289DSC_9845 _1288DSC_9843 _1287DSC_9842 _1286DSC_9841 _1285DSC_9840 _1284DSC_9838 _1283DSC_9837 _1282DSC_9836 _1281DSC_9835 _1280DSC_9834 _1279DSC_9833 _1278DSC_9832 _1277DSC_9831 _1276DSC_9830 _1275DSC_9829 _1273DSC_9827 _1272DSC_9826 _1271DSC_9825 _1270DSC_9824 _1269DSC_9823 _1268DSC_9822 _1267DSC_9821 _1266DSC_9820 _1265DSC_9819

snazzdaggle old-skool car


mint and chocolate colo-spiration


gator outside of yabba

_1262DSC_9812 _1261DSC_9811


'spring is here now!'

_1260DSC_9810 _1259DSC_9807 _1258DSC_9804 _1257DSC_9803 _1256DSC_9802 _1255DSC_9801 _1254DSC_9800 _1253DSC_9799 _1252DSC_9798 _1251DSC_9797 _1250DSC_9796 _1249DSC_9795 _1248DSC_9794 _1247DSC_9791 _1246DSC_9790 _1245DSC_9789 _1244DSC_9787 _1243DSC_9786 _1242DSC_9783 _1241DSC_9781 _1240DSC_9780 _1239DSC_9779 _1238DSC_9776 _1237DSC_9775

delish vegan and gluten free pizza

_1236DSC_9774 _1235DSC_9773 _1234DSC_9771 _1233DSC_9769 _1232DSC_9768 _1230DSC_9765 _1229DSC_9763 _1228DSC_9762 _1227DSC_9761 _1226DSC_9760

conceptual vases in the lobby


mangrove boardwalk

_1223DSC_9756 _1221DSC_9754 _1220DSC_9752 _1219DSC_9750 _1217DSC_9748 _1216DSC_9747 _1215DSC_9746 _1214DSC_9745 _1213DSC_9744 _1212DSC_9743 _1210DSC_9741 _1209DSC_9739 _1208DSC_9737 _1207DSC_9733 _1206DSC_9732 _1205DSC_9731 _1204DSC_9730 _1203DSC_9729 _1202DSC_9728

sunlight dazzling off the water

_1200DSC_9726 _1199DSC_9725


_1198DSC_9724 _1197DSC_9723 _1195DSC_9721 _1194DSC_9718 _1193DSC_9717 _1192DSC_9716 _1191DSC_9715


_1190DSC_9714 _1189DSC_9713

beach wheelchair

_1188DSC_9712 _1187DSC_9711 _1186DSC_9710 _1185DSC_9709

sand pipers


horseshoe crab

_1183DSC_9706 _1182DSC_9705 _1181DSC_9704 _1180DSC_9703 _1179DSC_9702 _1178DSC_9699 _1177DSC_9697 _1176DSC_9695 _1175DSC_9694 _1174DSC_9693


_1173DSC_9692 _1172DSC_9691

thatched roof

_1171DSC_9690 _1170DSC_9689 _1169DSC_9688

flutterby of sand

_1168DSC_9687 _1167DSC_9686 _1166DSC_9685 _1165DSC_9682 _1164DSC_9681 _1163DSC_9680 _1162DSC_9679 _1161DSC_9678 _1160DSC_9677 _1159DSC_9675 _1158DSC_9674 _1157DSC_9673 _1156DSC_9672 _1155DSC_9671 _1154DSC_9670 _1153DSC_9669 _1152DSC_9667 _1151DSC_9666 _1150DSC_9664 _1149DSC_9663 _1148DSC_9662 _1147DSC_9659 _1146DSC_9658 _1145DSC_9657


_1144DSC_9656 _1142DSC_9654 _1141DSC_9653 _1140DSC_9652 _1139DSC_9649 _1138DSC_9648 _1137DSC_9647 _1136DSC_9646 _1134DSC_9644 _1133DSC_9643 _1132DSC_9642 _1131DSC_9641 _1130DSC_9640 _1129DSC_9639 _1128DSC_9638 _1127DSC_9637 _1126DSC_9636 _1125DSC_9635 _1124DSC_9634 _1122DSC_9632 _1119DSC_9629 _1118DSC_9628 _1117DSC_9627 _1116DSC_9626 _1115DSC_9625 _1114DSC_9624 _1113DSC_9623 _1112DSC_9622 _1111DSC_9621 _1110DSC_9620 _1109DSC_9619 _1108DSC_9618 _1107DSC_9617

beach bubbles

_1105DSC_9615 _1104DSC_9614 _1103DSC_9613 _1101DSC_9611 _1100DSC_9610 _1099DSC_9609 _1097DSC_9606 _1096DSC_9605 _1095DSC_9603 _1094DSC_9601

architecture angles and repetition

_1093DSC_9599 _1091DSC_9596 _1090DSC_9594

airport sculpture

_1088DSC_9590 _1087DSC_9589 _1086DSC_9588 _1085DSC_9587 _1084DSC_9586

transmission experts is getting into adverts on facebook

_1083DSC_9584 _1082DSC_9582

SG custom elephant shirt for 12th night masque

_1080DSC_9579 _1077DSC_9575_1356_1078DSC_9576 _1357_1079DSC_9577 _1359_1092DSC_9598 _1360_1106DSC_9616 _1361_1120DSC_9630 _1362_1121DSC_9631 _1363_1123DSC_9633 _1364_1135DSC_9645

_1365_1196DSC_9722 _1366_1201DSC_9727

black mangroves (Avicennia germinans) have small scuba nozzles (pneumatophores) that are just a touch higher then the high water mark so that the roots can breathe 

_1367_1211DSC_9742 _1369_1222DSC_9755 _1370_1224DSC_9757 _1373_1358_1081DSC_9580 _1374_1368_1218DSC_9749 _1375_1371_1231DSC_9767 _1372_1274DSC_9828

details from BM custom High Five Freedom shirt


chalk street art for art's fair in naples