New Theory on Origin of Life - Visionary Science with Dr. Bruce Damer

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"The date and location of our next event has changed. The wonderful people at IndieBio were kind enough to let us host at their hub! It's a larger venue to accommodate the great interest in our event.

IndieBio is the world's largest seed biotech accelerator. They recently seed 10+ startups ranging from the food industry to cancer research. Come learn more about what they're up to!

This couldn't be more fitting because Dr. Damer will be discussing the application of his work for pharma and biotech. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Conscious Biotechers presents Dr. Bruce Damer as our first guest for our Inspiring Scientific Visionaries speaker series. His new groundbreaking theory on the origin of life developed with colleagues at UCSC and around the world appeared in Scientific American this past summer — and was deemed so significant that it beat out the solar eclipse for the cover story!

Join us for an evening of exploring the theoretical and practical applications of this new theory!!!

6:00 pm - 6:30 pm - Welcome & Mindfulness Stress Reduction Meditation (by Rebecca, Alex & Chris)

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm - Dr. Bruce Damer's Presentation

7:30 pm - 8:00 pm - Networking & Connecting!!!

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Dr. Damer will discuss the following topics:

Theoretical concepts:

Implications of the new theory not just in evolutionary biology, but also in chemistry, physics, artificial intelligence (AI) and even philosophy.

Possible creation of second genesis of life in the labs. Along with colleagues at Harvard and other institutions, Dr. Damer will discuss “bottom up” synthetic biology approach to create the first viable proto-cell also promises to reveal new insights into systems chemistry and the functioning of all of biology.

Multidisplainary approach to answer the ultimate questions of where we came from, what the fundamental properties of the living world are, and where we may find life elsewhere in the universe.

Application for Biotech/Pharma Industry

His work with Prof. David Deamer (the father of nanopore sequencing) on wet-dry cycling synthesis of biopolymers is opening up a new type of “chemical nanotechnology”.

The world’s first “chemical search engine” which could be used by Pharma to find efficient catalytic pathways to produce targeted compounds in higher yields.

Power of Thought Experiments for New Discoveries

In the tradition of Rene Descartes, Albert Einstein, Francis Crick and Charles Darwin, Dr. Damer has harnessed the power of his imagination to help inspire and guide his work in developing and testing new theories. This technique has helped him achieve major breakthroughs!

And, as a special opportunity for Conscious Biotechers, Dr. Damer will share an integral part of his scientific process. He is actively looking for collaborators to join him in thought experiment working groups at the newly forming Biota Institute.

There are many new insights waiting to be discovered and we hope you will join us!!!!!

About Conscious Biotechers:

We are a group of scientists, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries in biotech who are interested in applying mindfulness and awareness practices to our daily work and life.

The purpose of our gathering is threefold:

1 To share tools, practices and techniques on how to bring us towards more ease, balance, equanimity, and productivity as we engage in our day-to-day work.
2 To bring out our creative spark by engaging with inspiring scientific visionaries and leaders
3 To build a supportive community, create new friendships, and offer an opportunity for entrepreneurs, researchers, employers, investors, and anyone interested in biotech to connect

A recent study has found that “stress, long hours and low morale threaten to scar the activities and careers of US life-sciences researchers”1. Conscious BioTechers wants to address this vital issue in our community. What tools can we use to reduce stress and increase productivity? How do we achieve and maintain a state of flow to bring ease and elegance to our work? How do we stay inspired and connected to our core purpose during the daily grind? To discover these answers together, join us!


1) Holleman, W. et al. Nature. 500 613-614 (2013)"



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filmed and photographed at somahoma ( somahouse / somatic sanctuary / dance mansion ) on 2.25.18


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"We, Jote and River, are ready to celebrate the release of our business, Snake Seed: Community Supported Art and Join us for an art opening featuring our paintings, tea, light snacks, herbal elixirs and celebration of our collaboration.

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This valentine’s day I fell in love…

A long-love felt in a new way is coming home to the remembered deliciousness of a familiar favorite flavor. Just when I thought I knew somebody like the back of my hand, the truth is that I had taken a steadfast and strong relationship for granted.

This valentine’s day I fell in love…with my body, a reawakened appreciation made possible thanks to the Imbodhi-suit.


Previous Perspective

Before the bodysuit I was of the mindset that free movement required loose clothing, but found that the extra fabric caught on limbs, bound below bodies, tearing holes with audibly dramatic cartoonish rips. As I continued to expand range of motion through shrouding myself in layers I would always have a portion of my mind concerned about the state of my garments. This segment of my mind is constantly adjusting my movement to accommodate the limitation of the garb, this concerned circuitry reminding me to preserve the longevity of the fabric forms I robe myself in. This mental energy space fluctuates in size depending on the fragility and complexity of what I wear, and its evaluation consistently takes me out of the immediacy of dedicating myself completely to sensing the experience. For the first time in my life this voice was silenced in the Imbodhi-suit.

Embodiment Enhanced

The futuristic form and fabric functions as a tool for evolved embodiment. The makeup of the material allows me to slip, slide and squirm like an eel rather than sticking to surfaces, chafing, or sogging (soggy, sodden, sopping, waterlogged dragging) in the perennially pooling sweat of other textiles. The bodysuit breathes with me as I sweat, moisture rapidly evaporating and leaving me dry and spry. I am protected in my slippery smoothness, feeling my folds sailing across each other as in water. The seamless sensation of gliding in a bodysuit unlocks the ultimate extension of physical movement, naturally inspiring the explorative expansion of edges. Supple, I follow the full line through to complete rotations rebounding upon themselves – lengthening form flowing through tips of limbs. Imbodhied, I am liberated as distilled essence – a well suited somatic superhero. The bodysuit serves as an encouraging physical reminder to move – inspiring stretching through freeing flexibility in accessibility of diving low, as nothing drags on the ground even in a low squat/crotch crouch.

Body Bravery

I will bashfully admit I was shy putting the bodysuit on at first and did so alone and without a mirror – for as a second skin it reveals all – there are no folds to hide behind or clever tricks of design to conceal. Fortunately, the stretch of the bodysuit feels like a best friend highlighting assets – slimming and supporting through squeezing to create a streamlined waveform.

The suit made me feel safe to show my whole. Sure, I still had feelings of striving for more suppleness, slenderness, tone, litheness…but the bodysuit supported me in pursuing these goals through compressive presence - enmeshed in a full body hug. The suit was an accepting and supportive shadow, enveloping me in an embrace sans lines constricting or cutting across the smooth silhouette of my sinuous shape. I was surrounded - suffused in support, cradled in the fullness of my form.

I found freedom in restriction – through gentle compression and containment the possibilities of my movement were unlocked, and suddenly new realms opened to me in liquid limitlessness of limb. Stretching in ways that would normally tear seams, in the bodysuit movement is a dream. Rediscovering my personal physical playground, I explore the movement suited to my makeup, moving in the way I am made for – writhing, wriggling, and worming around entangled in a contact bodywork dance.

In my first flirtation with the bodysuit, I was initially hesitant about ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ as I am currently curvaceous. My first extended fling with the suit evaporated my fears during a marathon 12+ hour movement art event. As I sweated, inverted, twerked, and cavorted, all initial concerns about inadvertently flashing others and having bounding breasts reveal themselves were banished and I bared my heart openly.

Physical Philosophy

I become a different person in the bodysuit as my connection to myself, others, and my environment discovers (plumbs) new depths. The super-suit is a power up, and as I become activated in this attire, I unlock advanced forms of interaction and behavior. The suit is a minimalistic barrier protects from the grabby nature of skin on skin adhesion and the social baggage of nudity. Although in this garment I am nearly naked, revealed, nonthreatening, and vulnerable, I am simultaneously shielded in my slippery suit of amor armor (love armor).

The Imbodhi-suit is a woven wish - expanding potential in inner/inter-personal relating. This spell suit is a magi-vestment steering possibility in the direction of connection. Suiting up is a radical experience that lubricates the relationship between self/environment, expanding range of motion, and facilitating easeful dynamic play with others. In my suit, I am ready to perform at my peak, to adventure, to explore, and inspire others to join me. Sharing the gift of evolved embodiment within the safety of the suit allows us to collapse the barrier between self and other while maintaining protected personal body integrity. If you are seeking evolved embodiment equipment that potentiates play and plentiful possibility, get 10% off your soma-activation suit with the code ‘RAZBODHI’ at