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tie dye tips: choosing a limited color palate has its strengths. There is much to be said for diluting full strength shades of color into pastel shades. For example, to get pink (be it hot pink or light rose), add water to fuchsia, and test with a strip of scrap fabric until you obtain your desired shade (not much water for vibrant pink, for a light rose, add successively more water)

I also tested out sodium alginate thickener. To begin, I found it impossible to manually mix without clumping, although I not only shook it like the dickens, but attempted to squish the clumps out between the sides of the squeeze bottle. This was a semi-effective technique, however, and after a substantial portion of time engaging in this tactic and thought I had removed all of the clumps. However, when I began to use the color, I found that the clumps would clog the nozzle such that I had to apply extensive pressure to clear it as it slowly oozed out. However, eventually when that particular clump would clear,  the pent up pressure would cause an explosion of the dye, until it shortly ran into another clump. The results were incredible, with the thickener causing crisp lines and controlled application, but I need to further explore more effective mixing methods. 


earth tones


v. 1.0 of a double dye



custom work v. 1 for razzy


from darkness into light 60" x 40" 


pillowcase clearly not 100% natural fibers




~ expression ~

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