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buffing future generations 

portable purple bench unveiling 1.6.17

Squish Squad is a group of humans, Squish Society is a culture of relating

Squish Squad Origin story

We found each other on the dance floor. In the mosh of dancing for hours on end at events, and for days at a time at transformational festivals we gathered our far-flung family, enfolding them in our embrace**. We rooted into the conscious movement hub that is the Bay Area and her satellite communities in Grass Valley and Los Angeles. Movement specialists, we performed bodywork on bodyworkers and stacked benefits as we stacked bodies on top of one another, compounding the collective release.

Through radical honesty and interpersonal intimacy, we opened into each other, revealing parts of ourselves we had believed could never be seen lest love be driven from the viewer of such internal shadow. We realized that darkness deferred merely meant it would crop up unconsciously and have its needs met in less savory means. Holding hands, we looked bravely into each other’s shadows and found the root of our concerns - we feared losing connection. Letting fall the social masks we began asking for what we really wanted, creating social structures and activities that met our needs in group and expedited everyone’s evolution within the progressing collective (eg. steam bath cleansing while singing, nomadic sauce nutrition, squish, cuddling, performance healing).

We are dancers and lifelong movers taking care of each other’s bodies.

We strengthened through strenuous activity, lifting other bodies, and we developed a massage style of healing and lengthening on the dance floor, in movement and pause at particularly pleasant positions to dive deep and sit in the scrumptious skeletal stillness.

We provide videos for you to get a sense of the style and demonstrate techniques, but a direct body transmission is a multisensory energetic experience that cannot simply be captured on film. This intangible healing field is enhanced when multiple healers gather together with shared intention and why this style benefits from a crew displaying a diversity of styles within the umbrella of Squish Squad. This exponentially multiplying effect is why we advocate for you to book the Squish Squad to come to your space so you can feel our frequency in your field.



clothing :

Imbodhi bodysuits 

kretur agency sport luxe


sound :


Aleksandra Shira Dubov

"Aleksandra is a sonic spiritual cheerleader - her empowering EP goes beyond simply enjoyably engaging the ear - it also acts as an opening offering inviting you into inspired inner reflection, resetting any pernicious patterns through motivating, mindful, melodic musical map-making. Aleksandra’s layered liquid lubricating cooing echoes embed effortless ecstasy in focusing attention on choosing to embrace expansive love. Upon listening to the viral vocal vision of her energizing EP I found myself meditatively murmuring mantras, humming tones, lingering in luscious lyrics, and quoting timeless teachings of the Dao.

Aleksandra’s alchemical EP has made charming cathartic chanting accessible to all seeking solace in sacred sound. Her operatic tones are a sonic smile - a flowering, flowing crystalline transmission of the divine, her singing seeping supportive soothing soul-salve. Her talents lay transformational tracks that stir spirit into spreading soaring wings, freeing the listener from the fetters of frenetic fretting. Aleksandra’s latest release simultaneously speaks to the still sentinel witness within while kindling embodied expressive engagement with highest purpose.

This delicious EP is recommended for those on the path of personal evolution seeing to ground through gracefully grooving in gratitude and works wonderfully on repeat in any situation benefitting from a dose of masterful moving meditative mantra medicine.

Listening in love,

alex a razma"

mikey pauker 

x featured in Mikey Pauker's music video sages 

music of samsun and cyrena (at 2016 heart tribe solstice)

samsun - bloom / spirit of the mountain 

cyrena - our space