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A day of Body Bliss

listening wholeheartedly to VOB


a day spent in body bliss –  listening to voice of body

wake up naturally to the sun or an alarm clock that wakes you at the end of your sleep cycle with nature sounds (wake as droid), write down dreams in dream journal (hopefully you lucid dreamed **how to lucid dream**), drink a room temperature glass of water with lemon juice in it (**water hierarchy **).

bowel movement while squatting (poopstoops) clean self using bidet, wet family cloth, or pure essential oil wipes

movement practice / exercise – dance, jen healy’s yoga swing, weightlifting / using body as weight, going for a hike, long bike ride, swim in natural body of water

tools - Squishy foam mats for dance and bodywork, printed with a bamboo or wood panelling and color of your choice

Yoga balls

Medium purple –

and peanut -

Jen healy’s aerial yoga swing – best on the market, gone through several variations, made locally in san fransisco !

shower if sweaty – shower outfitter with chlorine filter (orange oil?) dr. bonners baby mild soap, hemp scrubby, foot pumice

Washing – used no poo baking soda and vinegar for awhile, then j.r. ligets bar so, now three sisters apothecary, which feels like I moisturizes my hair more

Deep condition with coconut oil on body and hair after stepping out of the shower

Deodorant - Dr.nicks shower in a bottle - actually kills bacteria doesn’t just mask smell, first time I tried it I converted to using it as my only deodorant


breakfast – organic vegan (local pasture raised eggs and honey excepted) gluten-free, processed sugar free, sprouted, ideally local farmer’s market in season


smoothie :

diatomaceous earth : anti-parasitic, high in silica; freeze dried powdered wheatgrass, berries (blue, black, rasp) perfect food green, perfect food alkalizing, protein powder, (seasonally/infrequently : bee pollen, coconut yoghurt, cacao nibs)

health force naturals : green protein alchemy, maca, true vitamin c, earth, probiotic, green vibrance

let soak overnight : flax seeds, chia seeds, date, nuts (almond, brazil, macadamia)


juicing – fennel imbues sweetness without a lot of sugar, turmeric Is anti-inflammatory, ginger is great for the stomach,


if cooking use cast iron and coconut oil to maintain high levels of iron. Consume food with hands (enzymes on skin help in the digestive process), woods/bamboo utensils or authentic silver for its antimicrobial properties. I have previously been a huge fan of stainless steel only to tragically find that it has nickel (a poisonous compound).


pray and give gratitude while putting together ingredients

eat with others while enjoying a philosophical discussion or project development session

brush teeth with non-fluorinated toothpaste - truthpaste

work your life’s purpose – if using computer alternate - alternature between sitting on a yoga ball and standing on a fatigue mat, perhaps listening to binaural beats, turn your phone on from airplane mode and power on your computer

if needing to drive listen to audiobooks, continue to adjust your position in the seat and keep your neck mobile, use the body back buddy to hook onto the steering wheel and massage your back. Make sure your windows are tinted so that you can avoid uv rays (**evolved transportation vessel – make your own windshield wiper fluid, Rainbow spider storage technique – weaving hemp thread and daisy chains with carabiners to hang clothing and sundried, have solar panels and a battery bank)

bodywork – bodyworming

in the evening run programs that shift the blue computer light to red tones such as fl.ux and twilight for android. Try to spend the last few hours of the day in the analog world, especially in the last hour before bed. Leave window open for fresh air, with air purifier if you live in a city

Before bed : only sleep with your phone in airplane mode, reduce your exposure to wifi internet and EMF but turning off the wireless broadcaster during the night when you are asleep. Ground yourself by standing on the bare earth in the morning when you wake up.