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body tools / lifestyle

Voice of Body Recommended Products :

Specializing in finding products and alternatives friendly for embodied folks and the somatically sensitive or those with multiple chemical sensitivities.

(I did a whole lot of research so you don’t have to! If you’re looking for a specific solution or category I recommend bringing up the search bar on the page and plugging in what you are seeking)


For carrying/carting

hip belt - kraken whip - made locally in oakland from reclaimed leather - I waited a long time to get a hip belt and these were by far the most gorgeous with greatest storage capacity (the whole back is a hidden pocket!



Body Back Buddy

I originally obtained this tool to work out the hard-to-reach places such as next to the shoulder blades using the hands and arms as leverage. I have evolved its use into a water bottle holder as well as a bag holding stick that massages you through applying pressure to those hard to reach points in between the shoulder blades while holding your items and keeping your hands free.

Upgrade : Having an intrepid manufacturer make these out of wood rather than plastic


shelving in the home -

Reasonably easy to move and re-install (medium hassle) - possible to roll and reposition with the model with wheeled casters on the bottom

Unit -

Hooks for shelves –

S hooks -

Large snap on -

Pot hooks -

Small snap on -

Octopus over the rod 4-way hook -


Back of door organizer in canvas -


mobile cart

Rock n. roller -

Shelf -

Floor -


Luxurious living

Linen for bedding and towels – antibacterial, will last a lifetime

Linenme is my favorite company because it is from my homeland of Lithuania which has been producing textiles of flax for millennia. I especially love their towels


Linen me -

If you are looking for a slightly less expensive flax sheet set I tried out the following two companies and enjoyed their sheets – my favorite was len linum  and I liked the color range of

If this is still outside of your budget then organic cotton is the way to go -

Otherwise peruse secondhand stores, thrift stores, and resale shops

Mattress protector –



Silk comforter -


Towel -


Vehicle / spaceship

if needing to drive listen to audiobooks, continue to adjust your position in the seat and keep your neck mobile, use a coat in bag cushion to support lower back

use the body back buddy to hook onto the steering wheel and massage your back. Make sure your windows are tinted so that you can avoid uv rays, in addition put in blockout sunshades on the back and side windows -

, if parked for a long period of time put up front and side sunshades

Magnetic front windshield sunshade -

Front sunshade -

Take out the second and third row of seating and put in a storage compartment in the empty third seat well.

invest in a skybox – a turtle shell that you can store outdoor items in on top of the care, bike rack so one needn’t be driving short distances or in places that are bike friendly

use agricultural netting for extreme heat-cutting

VOB evolution :  make your own windshield wiper fluid,


Rainbow spider storage technique – weaving hemp thread and daisy chains with carabiners to hang clothing and sundries,

Boot hooks to hook onto the edges of plastic handles and side air bag overs etc -


Bungee cord and clip Clothesline



Next steps : have solar panels and a battery bank

Useful to have a bucket to fill your Berkey water filter – here is a space saving collapsible silicone model


Regular size silicone funnel -

Mini silicone funnel -


Portable power – charge with car power adapter (lighter) while driving –

Pocket lipstick charger for quick hits  -

Car jump starter / larger battery for nomadic recharges -



Decorating your carriage :

I painted magnetic panels with chalkboard paint

Magnetic panel roll – this amount should cover most of your car -

Blackboard paint (also good for signs and around the house) -


and use magnetic bins to hold chalk for friends to write messages –


magnetic panel with sticky backing – great for preparing removable bumper stickers





wald front giant delivery basket -

rear basket -



monkey lights make locally in Berkeley California


construction / building / tools

gloves -

gaffers cloth tape white -



On body

Body Moisturizer - Dr.bronners coconut oil

Lip moisturizer  - Shea butter

First aid : bear wallow herbs kit, Benjamin pixie botanicals salve

Deodorant - dr. nicks shower in a bottle


In body

First aid kit bear wallow herbs

Supplementation is

Natural antibiotics – garlic- letsit for 10 minutes after chopping for beneficial compounds to mix and build

Colloidal silver for antibacterial

Dragons blood to stop bleeding and begin clotting

Menstrual cup (such as diva cup or mooncatcher) – yoni does not dry out, no risk of TSS, no bleaching chemicals from tampons,



Enemas (see surviving appendicitis article for why enemas are high recommended, even for healthy folks at least once a month)

Rubber enema bag -

Additional enema irrigation tubes -


Coffee enemas

Stainless steel coffee enema bucket -

Filter -


Body maintenance

Cutting nails outside requires no cleanup

Combing your hair outside and dispersing the combed hair allows birds to make nests from it

Removing your hair with an epilator will cause it to grow back lighter



Diatomaceous earth is anti parasitic -

Pumpkin seed oil is anti parasitic and high in magnesium

Raz sauce : raw tahini, adzuki bean miso, apple cider vinegar, pumpkin seed oil, stone ground whole mustard if you’re feeling fancy (honey if you need sweetness)

Purple sauce



water hierarchy – living spring water, Shasta, local, Berkey with fluoride filters, **water alkalizing machine?**, kishu charcoal stick, replacing the minerals in water with concentrace

and cell food


– putting water in glass jars ** leaving container open to air allows chlorine to evaporate of, a squirt of lemon helps dissipate chlorine (or fluoride ?)


Berkeley filter :

Replacement filters :


use glass to carry water

I was a huge fan of stainless steel until I was educated about the use of nickel, a toxic compound in most types of stainless steel – look for 18/0 (the second number expresses the amount of nickel) or in the new naming parlance

Protecting your glass – put this over your smaller liter bottles (helpful when carrying more then one glass bottle at a time so they do not shatter against each other

Technically a wine bottle protector , repurposed -





Wear natural fibers such as flax, silk (not breathable so traps heat in ), wool (keeps you warm when wet) because when microfiber materials are laundered micro-particles of plastics and synthetic materials enter the water system (unless you attach a special filter to your washing machine)



Invest in leather footwear that will last a lifetime and get it repaired at the cobbler


Whenever you can, use leather bottomed footwear to strengthen the foot and leg muscles over natural terrain

five fingers are a descent compromise


Keeping clean on a greywater system

Use 4 nuts by nature if you are on a greywater system – plants do not appreciate the salts present in most laundry detergents.

For energy efficiency in transportation of the products and to minimize plastic packaging, choose powdered laundry detergents and bar soaps and shampoo for the shower

Additionally only use biodegradable materials in the shower and sink



feminine moon cycle

diva cup

pay attention to the cycle of your body – when is best for strenuous exercise, staying in and reading a book in the bath, writing, shooting new footage, being outgoing, etc.

glad rags – reusable cloth snap menstruation pads


shift to a repair and reuse mentality – if your clothing has a hole in it, sew or patch it or take it to a seamstress. You can also get your clothes tailored to fit and flatter you here. Invest in high quality furniture that you will use for life. Seek out quality and ease of repair when you procure items.


clearing out what no longer serves

in our hord-iculture system we accumulate more then we need or can use, when this happens, go through clothing and donate it to resale shops, make rags out of clothing that is mostly holes, make a t-shirt quilt, have a clothing swap with friends, put items on freecycle, put it up on craigslist for sale or giveaway,


in marin : broken glass can be recycled

electronics recycling centers

battery recycling center

toxics and paint recycling


every little once in a while

bath with Epsom salts, beeswax candles (anything you burn you breathe in so only use natural maerials like palm oil, beeswax is the best because it produces negative ions as it burns), book/audiobook

parasite cleanse, juice cleanse, water fast, enema

Hair -dying – henna conditionals and strengthens hair, go more time between washes, protein coat, red hue or glaze looks different on everyone




medicine journey – reconnect with source, integrate insights, repeat



Transitions with antiglare and reflective coating protects from uv rays

For farsighted folks wearing them lower on the bridge down your nose can help with reading books and words near the face

Lacy glasses allow you to lie flat and type on your computer, see your tv or read a book. They are extremely fun to put on and try to walk around – it’s like being very intoxicated on alcohol and dizzy drunk – I was giddy with the challenge and laughing uproariously -



Headphones – if you make phone calls be sure to use headphones, the best are hollow tube


Games to play at gatherings / crafts

Put compliments and adjectives on clothespins and try to ‘pin’ people while walking or dancing

metal clothespins -




sewing materials

safety pins

fun variegated thread that changes colors along its length – I like to show the repairs and alterations I made as part of the story of the garment so I don’t perfectly match to the exact color but use the rainbow to highlight the history of the cloth

rainbow -

black and white (for white or black garments) -






rainbow -

white – bella umbrella pagoda – elegant steampunk corset shape -


costuming / gifts

red foam clown noses – remember to play !

pin on butterflies -

ostrich feathers (stick one in your hat, tie one to some clear thread and stick and go fishing for folks who like the stroke of the feather, give as gifts for sensation play – draw it over the skin) – white -



googlie third eyes

googlie eyes -

body adhesive -




squish squad projects

dance cone / flagpole dance floor becon

cone -

flagpole -


rotating mounting rings help the flag not wind around itself



sacred smoke

burning frankinsense

ornate burner with top

open burner -



how to be your own doctor by Rachael weaver – the great-grandmother wisdom that was lost in the great forgetting collected in an engaging book that helps you remember the properties of plants and herbs through stories -

children’s books

Animalia –


identification stickers

glow in the dark

tape –

circles -

stars -

hearts –



unbleached paper labels -


heart in heart hole punch -





cast iron combo cooker – two pans that fit together into a dutch oven -


stainless steel cast iron scrubber chain mail –

silicone lid handle –

heat resistant oven gloves -


glass pot -

pyrex glass food storage containers with lids -


ceramic knives stay sharp longer, do not interact with enzymes in food, and (only downsides is that they do not handle drops well and cannot use the side of the knife to crush garlic, no pivoting or shearing) -



silicone lids -

foldable silicone colander -

collapsible silicone spoon colander -

bamboo cutting board -

magnetic measuring spoons -

lemon squeezer -



home decoration

large wall size glow in the dark moon sticker -

medium size moon -

small moons – good for identification -

glow in the dark plastic stars (strongest glow) -


crystal prisms -

magnetic butterflies -



better than a vacuum cleaner – shop vac (this one is quite large – there are smaller ones available) -

HEPA allergen filter -


Nontoxic cleaning

Bon ami -

Dr. bronners



Survival / camping

I mostly get items from REI cooperative but the items bellow I was not able to find at REI.



Zippo lighter -

Replacement flint and wicks -

Campfire bellows (avoid inhaling a lungful of ash!) -


Go girl female urination device (includes extension tube)-


Fire starting business card magnifying glass -

Covert nickel knife -

Squishy silicone bowl set –

Silicone and stainless steel collapsible kettle -







Why amazon ?

After working for a Silicon Valley millionaire where I was encouraged to purchase items on Amazon because my time was valuable I was introduced into the accessible world available on the site. Many items I had looked for in vain elsewhere, calling stores, driving here and there, where a quick search now yields exactly what I am seeking delivered to my doorstep. Additional benefits of using Amazon include : access to a community of reviews/recommendations about products, finding items related or similar to the item I searched for (I have found products that filled the niche of my specific need that I did not know existed (eg. silicone lids), being able to make lists of Wish List items to remember or books to check out of the library, having a running list of items I have ordered, getting most of my items in 2 days and free shipping with Prime, responsive and kind customer service when it comes to returns, being able to have UPS pick up returns at the door, having my purchases contribute to a charity of my choosing through AmazonSmile.