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your wish has been granted - this human has an etsy shop :


now your wildest x-made dreams can come true


also a new batch has been borne of the wash  -

dye life lessons and tips from this round:

perfection is statistically unlikely

no matter the amount of planning, there are always surprises, and these are often the greatest gifts

less is more - no need to over-saturate your project

too much dye ? don't squeeze it out, it fades your color and muddies your crisp lines - instead place it over a grate so it can drip out while the dye sets

contemplate your color choices - [this is from someone who loves rainbows and has to exert self-control to not always default to the whole spectrum] often a small selection of colors will have more impact



powdered dye art in the sink

_995DSC_9476 _996DSC_9478 _997DSC_9480

chocolat swirls  - the middle one looks like one meditating with arms outstretched_998DSC_9481

my tied bundles of joy have been described as voodoo dolls, spiders, and octopi_999DSC_9483 _1000DSC_9484

custom men's high fashion drip dye ombre work for PW - pre-washout

_1009DSC_9495 _1010DSC_9496

PW custom work post-washout (un-ideal lighting - white is not as blue)


spider-puss about to dye

_1002DSC_9486 _1003DSC_9487 _1004DSC_9488 _1005DSC_9489 _1006DSC_9490 _1007DSC_9491 _1008DSC_9493

black 'baconator' custom scarf work for CD



dyed bundles of expectation

_1012DSC_9500 _1013DSC_9501


_1014DSC_9504 _1015DSC_9505

blue bumblebee

_1016DSC_9507 _1017DSC_9508

small sachet

_1018DSC_9509 _1019DSC_9510



_1022DSC_9518 _1023DSC_9520 _1024DSC_9522 _1025DSC_9523

custom work for High Five Freedom

~ expression ~

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