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for realz

I just received an lifestyle support grant from an anonymous benefactor !

This unknown angel supports my ideas about manifesting the world that I wish to see to the degree that they have agreed to fund my deepest desires and hopes for the future ~
I can now realize my dream of coalescing an intentional community with the purpose of creating a healing space for folks to come and contribute to this eternally evolving experiment in co-creation. [I plan on connecting a web of communities united in this goal across the world!] This space will be enmeshed in unbelievable natural beauty, and will be a place of inter-generational sharing and cross-cultural, -subject, -life experience transfer points and intellectual salons. Here is a crucible for innovations, technologies, theories, and ideas that enable a broader number of people to understand others, themselves, and the culture that they are embedded in (and how they effect it in turn). Through this awareness, we devote our energies to celebrating life, sharing experiences, and working towards enabling all to live in peace. 

I am going to be on tour exploring locations - any suggestions for epic, natural, transformative spaces and locales to experience and potentially settle?

All the while on this knowledge-gathering tour, I will be transcending this mobile corpse through dancing wildly at all of the festivals of the world, spreading positive lifestyle messages and sprouting my dance party seed soul! I will be cross-pollinating blooming creativity not only at established events but also wherever I may wander (conveying the possibility of playing wherever you are at NOW in exuberant immediacy and transforming the space you are borrowing through occupying at this moment). ...positive ripples echoing throughout...

On tour, I will also be spreading the message of harm reduction principals and the healing power of community through workshops hosted by myself and bus-mates. I am also researching and documenting transcendent spiritual experiences, what conditions facilitate them, and how to integrate the experience into one's daily life.

Interested in contributing to the tour or contributing to the community? give me a jingle ~ [visitor, transient lecturer, skill-sharer, decompressing guest...]

I have already reached out to used school-bus companies and am working on converting the fleet (1 mini-bus, one standard size so far) to solar - anyone have any contacts here in the chi, or do I have to drive these puppies out to the West to get them clean and green?

My bus licence test is in two weeks - wish me luck!


p.s. late april fools...for now...[plotting, scheming, putting it out in the universe]...

~ expression ~

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