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HT Burning Man Principles :

Gifting :: your presence, a potent present, take only what is given

Decommodification :: you don’t owe anyone anything, you can change your mind at any time & for any reason

radical self-reliance :: connect to yourself first ; give only from the abundance of your fountain rather than drawing from your well,

radical self-expression :: express for the purpose of healing, act with compassion on how the act of your expression may affect others, expand the ways that you can express and receive information, embody your fullness (turn up the volume), desire of fully enraptured blooming expression of self – celebrate those who succeed !

communal effort :: love is best shared, pool energy + resources,   positively reinforce evolutionary scaffolding, collective effort results in exponentially increasing returns (efficiency in altruistic evolution), help those who desire to do/be more,

civic responsibility :: look out for each other, care for -each others-hearts, be present to -each others- process, improve spaces through presence, stewarding, caretaking, invest in the commons

leaving no trace :: consent - when in doubt, wait it out : continuous check in on all energetic channels, leaving +positive+ trace how can you show up with your gifts in this moment and deepen into the experience?




outline of heart-guide

HT heart=guide :

  1. If you’re uncomfortable, move
  2. Squish don’t squash
  3. Practice active consent
  4. In-to-me-I-see
  5. Discernment :Find your level (titrate your intensity level)
  6. Create the experience you desire – feed what feeds you
  7. Answer longing for belonging with
  8. Feel > think
  9. Safety doesn’t happen by accident
  10. No means yes to something else
  11. Feel into yourself, then feel out
  12. Freedom within boundaries :


  1. Container culture


Accept and respect



We are the beating Heart of Burning man, the percussive pacemaker of the new paradigm. Through our sense of self reaching out playfully, we present potential realities of how to be with one another in heart space to expand our understanding of what is possible, so we can feel into what we need. We seek questions over answers, the response recorded in our reactions to the task. We are seasoned, well-travelled, and inquisitive samplers at the banquet of sensations and scenes. We are a coherent community cultivating a consent culture – the stable foundation that unfolds us into safety and the fully expression of our yes and no. We create this container to invite you into our culture as a love offering.


The heart tribe vibe is rooted in presence. First owning the wholeness within when settled in self, a state of peace where nothing has to be done. Once we drop into connection with ourselves through the body we then reach out to interact with others from a sense of completeness and compassion, clear and unattached in whims + desires, recognizing the energy of requests = compliments. We are easeful and natural in the way we spend time together, comfortable in silence. We positively reinforce folks to do/be themselves more, celebrating those who succeed in their personal process of full expression of self. We, and we with each other, seeing & holding true self.

We are deeply present with each other in our personal growth processes, because we are all consciously and considerately working on ourselves - sharing energy to nurture the buds sprouting from growing edge-explansion (expansion-explaination-plan) .


Care for each other’s hearts ~ We are responsible for the feeling of safety in others ~ Create safety (take responsibility) for self and others  ~ ask for what is needed ~ Create conditions supporting evolution - till the fertile ground

healing = performance art

active participant witnessed in collective


non-catagorize' zero base - read people – feel into their experience – if unclear or lost the thread check in verbally permission to be vulnerable - no agenda, open - surrender - heal relationship with inner child - Learn to play again - eeasy effortless joy - Play responsibly - What can I gift to this moment? - Pour in goodness - Active presence


this is how we roll

stack em up = roll deep = resonant

come home to heart = heart home




~ expression ~

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