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recommendation: squash

chop up some winter squash - such as butternut - into chunks or 'fry' shapes and baste it with olive oil and salt and bake it in the oven for 40 minutes (you can also scoop out and roast the seeds!). comfort food, delicious, and you get a great serving of veggies over simply that of the starch found in potatoes (sweet potatoes = dessert).


butternut squash cut in half

_1398DSC_9958 _1399DSC_9960 _1400DSC_9961 _1401DSC_9962

bam ba lamb bandannas

_1402DSC_9963 _1403DSC_9964

test run of burning man logo tie dye - note tie dye mustache peace sign in back - nifty


chicago flag tie dye v.1.0 (wanted to be a hand folding purist - next run is going to be sewn)

_1405DSC_9966 _1406DSC_9967

tie dye sweater tights

_1407DSC_9968 _1408DSC_9969

tie dye burnout tank


_1411DSC_9973 _1412DSC_9974

v-day tie dye : note the two creatures (swans, emus, ostriches...) kissing below the heart and flaming collar 

_1413DSC_9975 _1414DSC_9976 _1415DSC_9977 _1416DSC_9978 _1417DSC_9979 _1418DSC_9980 _1419DSC_9981 _1420DSC_9982 _1421DSC_9983 _1422DSC_9984 

thick sweaters are quite a challenge

~ expression ~

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