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how to clean a sink [no water clog]

1. don't think about what you are touching too much - life is dirty, be happy you are able to clean yourself afterwards and that you are aware of things like how to avoid infections and disease thanks to modern life

2. don't walk past, exclaiming 'ew' and leave it for someone else

3. roll up your sleeves

4. gather all of the particulate matter into the sink catcher - lift it out, empty the contents in the trash, being sure to hold your hand underneath to make sure there are no drippings befouling the floor.

5. repeat until all large bits are cleared out. doesn't it look much better [although it looked pretty cool with all the bits as well, like modern food art]?

6. left and side of sink - stick your hand into the hold underneath the place where the catcher sits, grab all bits and make sure the 3 small holes are clear. 'swish' your hand around deep in there! right hand side - remove all bits, and once clear, push lever under sink down if there is water which is not draining.

7. use angled head, or water holding container to rinse out the sink. scrub any last bits out with scrubber.

8. feel accomplished and joyful in your necessary work. you are an excellent citizen of the kitchen.

~ expression ~

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