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live to love

celebrate love :

dance, sing, chant in the streets


is not each one of us deserving of love?
love without requirements to be fulfilled
love without strings attached
unconditional love 
my dear dear friend i love you so much my heart overflows,
i love you unconditionally and without demands
[this does not mean that I condone or enable your damaging behaviors, but I will help you to help yourself however I can]
i love you beyond the decay of these earthy vessels,
for our souls dance together endlessly in the space beyond time
i carry your smile with me,
your laugh joys my being
my fellow soul, be well no matter where your body rests or wanders
you are never alone
for we are together always
[at the deepest, luminous core of your being you know this to be true]
we are all reflections of the same spirit,
love deeply and without regret

~ expression ~

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