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We are the movement movement :


You will know us in the way we move.


We are a culture returning awareness back to the body as our temple.

Utilizing movement meditation medicine as our sacred sacrament, we channel emotion, archetype, scene, and story through presence in piloting our physical vessels.

We delight in the canvas of skin, skeleton, muscle, and ligament –

exploring exquisite sensation combinations through playful proprioception.

We weave a mobile energetic field, a shared rite in space-time where bodies come to pray.

In our motion we motivate you,

mirror neurons mentally modelling a mutual mobility map,

delivering delicious dopamine direct to the dome.

Our bountiful body bliss inspires & instills you with the impulse to energetically enrobe yourself in empathetic engagement.


We hold physical in-joy-ment in high esteem as a sensation to be shared luxuriously in gratitude.

Averting from the tiresome treadmill of goal-grasping attachment, we dive dedicatedly into the present,

basking in the un-replicable radiance of each unfolding moment in bloom & decay.

As we weave & wear our bodies distinctly in metamorphose,

so our practice of pleasure calls forth continual contextual content co-creation, innovation, and adaptation.

Each being an echoing epic of pattern & prose –

and in our communion together we intertwine threads,

co-mingling waveforms -

tunneling spirals in space-time.

We model our personal mystery through motion on the dance floor & massage mat –

living lifetimes engaging in evolving relationships.

We communicate in movement,

a dynamic conversation with unparalleled information density,

fractalizing facets of meaning flowering into dimensions beyond the depth of dependence on verbalization.


Well versed in the vocabulary of touch, we convey internal states through tactile texture & traction.

We reconnect through reaching out –

forming one living organism when we rejoice in reuniting through physical proximity to each other.

We roam -

cross-pollinating the globe,

gathering to wander in wonder throughout the world to find our far-flung family and enfold them in our embrace.

Through cherishing collective company we cultivate our capability to hold celebratory healing fields –

gathering in attuned awareness,

reducing resistance & recalibrating into resonance -

nourishing gnosis near & far in awe-amplifying feedback loops.

We care for each other,

nurtured aspects of the universe exploring our-self,

recognizing a lesson learned by one is shared with all.


We embrace emotions as our soul song expressed easefully in flow,

fantastically far from frozen in fear of feeling,

instead relaxed, receptive, and responsive to reflection and rebirth.

Listening deeply with our bodies in safe space transmutes trauma & triggers,

unlocking power previously padlocked & patrolled in projection,

liberating bound & buried energy in service to conscious purposes.



We are curious about our capacity to expand capabilities,

carefully exploring elongating our edges gently without tear (while honoring tears).


We are co-creating cultural change -

boldly birthing a potent paradigm re-aligning spirit.mind.body in a remembrance of wholeness embodying our destiny of bringing forth heaven on earth.


Welcome to the movement revolution.


v. 1.2 : 10.13.15

2 thoughts on “movement.movement.movement

  1. Anthony (earth)

    Absolutely so gorgeous sister! Your words/emotion/& feel crafting is so sweet. I'm teary eyed & intrigued to feel your flow of expression. Quite nourished after tuning into another souls flow

    1. alexarazma

      dear Anthony, thank you for sharing the impact my creation has had on you, this work is a polished diamond with finely cut facets. I hope it provides clarity, reflection, inspiration, and perspective to you and our community. ~ with love ~


~ expression ~

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