new york city :

graced by the gift of being invited to a work trip to NYC I started to feel like a jet-setter as I traveled east fresh from time in Tahoe with the bio fam.

The energy of NYC is palpable - even getting on the plane felt like a microcosm of jostling for space and time - folks clustered around the space to line up like penguins blocking the airport's marbled public walkway before being summoned to line up. I even got called out by a specific person eyeing carry on dimensions of the passengers for having my jacket in a separate sack in excess of my personal bag. The sense of sharing space with so many may aid in innovative coping techniques and a heightened sense of self-care. An undertone of overwhelm, with an overlay of transience. No one seems to be from here originally, and those that do act as oracles.

I was graced by the generosity of staying with a NYC local of 30 years of living in the area, and they introduced me to some of my cultural heroes and the movers and shakers of today and tomorrow. I was able to transform several people's lives and shift their life path to one of pleasurable embodiment and honest inter-relation with others.


24 hour flower stands, the Met - a glittering treasure chest that seems like a collection of several world-travelers. bodegas where you can get kale chips and kombucha at any hour (for a convenience fee no doubt)

and a lack of alleys so garbage is piled on the street. rats in the basements of buildings. hustling to make it.

The excess at least is out in the open, un-ignore-able. Things happen fast here, appointments get booked, projects taking their first steps. Now is the time to do it, for there is no time like the present. You are never really alone, even at 4 am on the Subway (because, yes, public transportation runs at all hours). You can get most anything delivered. The cold is brutal, bracing, and biting. Folks take public transportation, taxis, or private cars rather then walking. I am not sure how one would get anywhere in heels - I wore my waterproof hiking boots. Grocery stores don't have carts, but they do have little basket dogs that you can drag behind you on a handle or carry in hand. Advertisements accost at the entrances to the subway. Central park is the one place that feels spacious.

24 hour flower shop

DSC_6367_013 DSC_6388_289 DSC_6386_288 DSC_6385_287 DSC_6384_286 DSC_6383_285 DSC_6382_284 DSC_6381_283  DSC_6379_281 DSC_6378_280 DSC_6377_279 DSC_6376_278 DSC_6375_277 DSC_6374_276 DSC_6372_274 DSC_6373_275 DSC_6368_273 DSC_6367_013_272 DSC_6367_271 DSC_6366_270 DSC_6365_269 DSC_6363_267  DSC_6362_266 DSC_6361_265

piles of trash bags in the street - here's to putting in more public recycling bins and starting a public composting program !

DSC_6359_264 DSC_6357_263 DSC_6354_262 DSC_6353_261

skyline from Central Park

DSC_6349_260 DSC_6348_259

I was the last patron at the Met - time slipped away as I meditated in the Asian art gallery, supplicant in front of a Buddha statue

DSC_6345_258 DSC_6344_257 DSC_6343_256 DSC_6342_255 DSC_6341_254 DSC_6339_253 DSC_6338_252

ancient jewelry designs


Egyptian room


stone carvings

DSC_6332_249 DSC_6330_248

beaded veil / net


organ jars


DSC_6325_245 DSC_6324_244 DSC_6323_243 DSC_6322_242



sarcophagus / sarcophagi

DSC_6319_241 DSC_6314_239 DSC_6312_238 hieroglyphics



scholar with scroll in hand


drawing back bow, shooting arrow


bootlicious coy, seductive temptress

DSC_6308_234 DSC_6307_233 DSC_6306_232

washing hair

DSC_6304_231 DSC_6303_230

contemplative agony


cherub proffering wheat


cherub proffering torch

DSC_6299_227 DSC_6298_226

hands shackled in chains, bondage

DSC_6297_225 DSC_6296_224 DSC_6295_223

ending one's life - suicide by knife to the heart

DSC_6293_222 DSC_6292_221

not having a great day - whining / wailing


ornate pottery vessels

DSC_6290_219 DSC_6289_218 DSC_6288_217 DSC_6287_216

how to properly choke a goose : breath play at the Met

DSC_6285_215 DSC_6283_214 DSC_6281_213 DSC_6280_212 DSC_6279_211 DSC_6277_210 DSC_6276_209 DSC_6274_208 DSC_6273_207 DSC_6271_206 DSC_6268_205 DSC_6267_204 DSC_6266_203 DSC_6265_202  DSC_6261_200 DSC_6260_199 DSC_6258_198 DSC_6257_197 DSC_6255_196 DSC_6253_195 DSC_6251_194 DSC_6249_193 DSC_6248_192 DSC_6246_191 DSC_6244_190 DSC_6240_189 DSC_6239_188 DSC_6238_187 DSC_6236_186 DSC_6235_185 DSC_6233_184 DSC_6232_183

lake tahoe from above

DSC_6230_182 DSC_6229_181 DSC_6228_180 DSC_6227_179 DSC_6226_178 DSC_6225_177 DSC_6224_176 DSC_6223_175 DSC_6222_174

brother's graduation from Indiana University

DSC_5527 DSC_5520


traditional lithuanian juostas - sash

DSC_5562 DSC_5563 DSC_5566

kucios - the night before christmas

DSC_5532 DSC_5551 DSC_5556 DSC_5568 DSC_5662 DSC_5666 DSC_5668 DSC_5583 DSC_5580 DSC_5569



Inviting your gaze, celebratory

in your eyes – myself desired :

my own desire rising in meeting

trembling tender tendrils tickle

expanding bandwidth splaying sensation

dewdrops of consciousness condensing at tantalizing tips

Contours – texture tornadoes : tongue tasting ridges

Climbing cliffs, caverns of bone

Molten muscles morphing,

Sloughing tight old skin: shedding sorrowful shadows

trust – bare - warmed in languid patches of sunshine :

Dusting radiant moon & mountain gold


ground of trust fertile soil for physicality to bloom forth

Tender holding, petals open

flower portal,  aperture spiraling wide

perched atop a column of light, penetrating pillar of passion

Regretless receptive vessel : yearning to feel fullness

you have tenderly thrust my walls into bridges : reaching into me

flexing membrane yielding to your luminous liquid touch


owning my unfolding

Blood rushing, blushing at my own blossoming

emboldened invitation into ceremonious cathedral

embodied enrobing, enveloping as scrumptious living skin


Oozing : Savoring liquid sunshine, golden honey : scintillating searing syrup

drink deep of my nectar: promiscuous proboscis gently probing pressure

liquid snake, pouring into porousness,

Flowing holy,

wholly through holey hurt places, filling them with your juicy thick magnificence


Unashamed of my ache :

hungry : To feel your hunger

Devour you devouring me

Long waiting for your banquet

in hibernation : now awakened : Ravenous : are you ready (…or not…here I come)

feasting : teeth sharp but tender

drinking : seeping in you : Sipping both fast & slow :

naked water sacrifice, you summon me


Giving my time in service, adoration, surrender to you

attentive student of your soul

blessing presence as a gift

bowing in service to sweeping your spirit clear

Praying to the temple of your flesh

worshiping at the altar of your physicality,

movement muse : Inspiring

Wicked wonderful worship


your attentive attending

deep presence an art

listening deepening my longing

wild with waiting

I shake for you

Tender turbulence : energetic sifter

Frolicking, folding fractals: teasingly tucking corners

Holding open energetic portals : Surrender wider

Open handed offering


soul slipping beyond masks

De-veiling, revealing, free from fear

Naked webs of nerves laid bare, electric energy arcs between our auras

delicious anticipation : an ache that deepens as it fills

acid burning away residue, removing resistance

voluptuous voltage, desirous to fulfil my growing capacity to carry energy

radiating magnetic heat : seized as tool of creation

delightful dawning of deliverance : infusing embrace

emergent : united universal bliss


Perpetually perceptually altered : space of deep attention my new home

Beckoning : Come closer: Once more

most unforgettable lover :

(celebrating my darkness as my light)


De-armored, raw, pulsing

Relishing reveling in rapture : roaming realms

Luxurious excellence

smiling, heart in song, fire in belly

Our co-created presence a catalyst for sacred alchemy