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PLUR tie dye banner

I have never seen a P.L.U.R. (Peace Love Unity Respect) tie dye banner and as such I decided to challenge myself. Fitting 4 designs on one piece of fabric was a doozy, but the yin yang took the cake. I wanted to do it authentic tie dye style rather then sewing the design and then dying it, however this is not a mirror image. I solved this predicament through the use of clothespins, however, then I had to baby the fabric through the soda ash soaking, dying, and rinsing.

The fabric was so thin, and the bottle nozzle dye rate was too vigorous, causing over-saturation of the black obscuring the careful folds. As one can see in Version 1.0 the line in the middle is still visible but faint yellow. I decided to do a second dye in version 2.0 using color removing tie dye with bleach, something I have never done. I rebound the yin yang using the clothespins and created a minuscule amount of solution which was 1 part bleach to 4 parts water. I used a medicine dropper to selectively place the solution and watched as the black faded to a light brown (within a a few seconds). After applying the solution to the locations where it was needed, I immediately rinsed it out because bleach eats away at fabrics, and this one is especially thin. The end result is shown below in which the yin yang shape is much more evident.

the smiley face even has eyelashes 😉




version 2.0


version 1.0 

~ expression ~

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