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product vs packaging


initial unwrapping : first layer of packaging removed and placed to the bottom left portion of the slash/stair break, products in their additional packaging to the upper right


I read a great book called 'Plastic Free : How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too' by Beth Terry and in general have been increasing my awareness around packaging and minimizing my personal creation of plastic waste. My family received a gift basket this holiday season that exemplified the over-packaging epidemic and as I watched my mother open it I could not help but be horrified. The amount of food and usable goods that resulted compared to the amount of packaging produced flabbergasted me. The worst was the Styrofoam (notoriously difficult to recycle - most recycling centers don't even take it) at the bottom of the basket in and the quadruple-wrapped chocolates only added insult to injury (chocolate wrapped in aluminum foil, wrapped in plastic, encased in a box, in the plastic wrapped basket).

I wish I had taken a picture of the 'before' basket, but this plague of excessive packaging was only revealed after the basket had already been opened and dismantled, and at which point I felt a strong call to duty to document it. I hope that this serves as a reminder to expand / intensify our awareness around packaging and what we can each do in our own personal lives to reduce our footprint on the earth.




removal of second and third layer packaging in the upper right triangle, first layer of packaging in the same position in the lower left triangle, edible products arranged on household plates on the leftmost strip/stair




removal of some of the plates and bowls to more accurately represent what the basket contained on it's own - now the only things that were not originally included in the basket are the white plate upon which the chocolates rest and small white bowl containing the yellow 'cheese'


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