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Puerto Peñasco : Portal to Peacefulness

Puerto Peñasco – also known as Rocky Point - is an accessible place to unwind where water, sand, and sun meet in abundance to yield a soothing salve where worries wash away in the sound of the surf and smell of the sea. The proximity of Puerto Peñasco to the United States is a huge draw for those that are aware of this oasis, and also what gives the area its nickname as ‘the Beach of Arizona’ – for it is only 60 miles from the border and within the Free Zone. Flights into the local airport in Puerto Peñasco will soon resume, but until that time one can drive down (greeted by iconic Saguaro cactuses) from flying into Tucson, AZ or several convenient US locales. The dollar goes far, making entertainment, dining, property, and expenses highly affordable.

Puerto Peñasco began as a fishing town, a tradition that is memorialized in the humorous sculpture of a shrimper riding a gigantic crustacean in the town square. This legacy continues to this day, heard today in the voices of street-side fishermen calling out their fresh catches of the day and clear from the abundance of specialty seafood on the menus of local eateries. The Sea of Cortez is the lifeblood of Puerto Peñasco and provides for abundant recreational and relaxation opportunities. Due to the shelter of Baja California to the west, the Sea is much calmer and warmer than the raw Pacific Ocean – and at its hottest in the summer it is akin to bathwater!

One can interact with the water in many ways - long strolls at low tide on the beach with views of the mountains, sailing, yachting, kite-surfing, paddle-boarding, or simply gazing out at the water and letting it lull you into a sense of peace. The abundant marine life provides ample entertainment – whale watching, frolicking with sea lions, and birding are all easily accessible. Chola Bay, nearby beyond the northern mountains, is known for its fresh oysters and scallops, and a special treat is to travel there for an unbelievably fresh sunset dinner.

The area is also home to the most endangered cetacean in the world – la Vaquita (little cow) – the population of which is less than 100. One can learn about the bio preserves in the region at CITA – an ecological center to get an insightful overview of the local flora and fauna and learn about their local sustainability study program. A popular pastime is ATV riding in the extensive sand dunes of the area and stopping afterwards to sip fresh Pina Coladas and coconut water by the side of the road.  Additional enjoyable local activities include visiting Pinacate Biosphere Reserve – a ‘moonscape’ that NASA used to train for moon landings, local art shopping, and going to the town square in the evenings where mariachi gather with tubas, drum sets, guitars, and many joining in the singing. There are a wide array of restaurants and bars, and locals and visitors alike are friendly, courteous, and hospitable in this service oriented town which contributes to the safe atmosphere.

Puerto Peñasco is a sleepy secret that is going to soon come to the attention of many more vacationers, as the town is nearing completion on a deep water port that will allow cruise ships to dock in its waters. To meet the coming demand Puerto Peñasco is busy upgrading the infrastructure to support this coming wave: putting in concrete roads, walkways, and beautifying the area. Seize the moment and invest in property in Puerto Peñasco before the port is completed, capital floods in, and prices inevitably skyrocket. Acting now rewards your proactive investment with added value and profit before the coming flood of interest!


doll strung up on telephone wire : view from LA to LV megabus front window

megabus v. greyhound - the bus service to choose

In my travelers opinion Megabus is a superior bus service to Greyhound : their baggage allowances are more flexible, it is cheaper (you can find ridiculously low rates especially if you book early), they have outlets, and wifi. additionally, you can get a seat looking out of the big front window for $5 extra

DSC_7667_1219 DSC_7670_1220 DSC_7671_1221 DSC_7674_1223 DSC_7672_1222

the open sky

DSC_7674_1224 DSC_7676_1225

the open road beacons

DSC_7677_1226 DSC_7678_1227

cop pulling a car over


art school gallery showing 'curious critters' by David FitzSimmons

DSC_7689_1229 DSC_7690_1230 DSC_7692_1231 DSC_7694_1232 DSC_7695_1233 DSC_7696_1234 DSC_7697_1235 DSC_7698_1236 DSC_7699_1237 DSC_7701_1238 DSC_7702_1239 DSC_7703_1240 DSC_7704_1241 DSC_7705_1242 DSC_7706_1243 DSC_7707_1244 DSC_7708_1245

on the road to Mexico

DSC_7711_1246 DSC_7715_1247 DSC_7716_1248 DSC_7717_1249 DSC_7718_1250 DSC_7720_1251 DSC_7721_1252 DSC_7722_1253 DSC_7724_1254 DSC_7726_1255 DSC_7730_1256 DSC_7731_1257

lollipop indian

DSC_7746_1263 DSC_7856_1314 DSC_7751_1264 DSC_7753_1265 DSC_7754_1266 DSC_7758_1267 DSC_7761_1268

saguaro cactus


why not travel store


porta jane - ladies only port a potty


blooming cactus

DSC_7770_1272 DSC_7772_1273 DSC_7773_1274 DSC_7776_1275 DSC_7784_1276 DSC_7787_1277 DSC_7798_1278 DSC_7799_1279 DSC_7801_1280 DSC_7802_1281   DSC_7807_1284 DSC_7810_1285 DSC_7811_1286 DSC_7812_1287 DSC_7813_1288 DSC_7814_1289 DSC_7815_1290 DSC_7816_1291 DSC_7822_1292 DSC_7824_1293 DSC_7828_1294 DSC_7830_1295 DSC_7831_1296 DSC_7832_1297 DSC_7833_1298 DSC_7834_1299 DSC_7836_1300 DSC_7837_1301 DSC_7838_1302

opulent, ornate carved brazilian renaissance wood bed

DSC_7841_1303 DSC_7842_1304 DSC_7843_1305 DSC_7845_1306 DSC_7846_1307 DSC_7848_1308

the promising skeleton of a luxury condo complex

DSC_7850_1309 DSC_7852_1310 DSC_7853_1311 DSC_7854_1312 DSC_7855_1313

suddenly salad - surprise !

DSC_7863_1316 DSC_7873_1321 DSC_7876_1322 DSC_7877_1323

boo bar - complete with bar playground swings

DSC_7922_1344 DSC_7923_1345

men - no shirt no service

women - no shirt free drink

free the nipple folks


camaronero statue honoring the shrimpers of the area


wicker lights - empty globes


the view from the top of the castle

DSC_8088_1375 DSC_8089_1376 DSC_8090_1377


DSC_8091_1378 DSC_8092_1379 DSC_8093_1380 DSC_8095_1381 DSC_8096_1382 DSC_8097_1383 DSC_8099_1384 DSC_8101_1385 DSC_8102_1386 DSC_8104_1387 DSC_8106_1388 DSC_8107_1389 DSC_8112_1390 DSC_8113_1391 DSC_8114_1392

wrecked bar painted quotes

DSC_8121_1396 DSC_8122_1397 DSC_8124_1398 DSC_8125_1399 DSC_8126_1400 DSC_8127_1401 DSC_8128_1402 DSC_8131_1404 DSC_8132_1405 DSC_8133_1406 DSC_8134_1407 DSC_8135_1408 DSC_8136_1409 DSC_8137_1410 DSC_8138_1411 DSC_8139_1412 DSC_8142_1413 DSC_8145_1414 DSC_8146_1415 DSC_8147_1416

lattice clouds lacework over moon

DSC_8148_1417 DSC_8154_1418

DSC_8157_1419 DSC_8230_1450 DSC_8228_1449 DSC_8227_1448 DSC_8226_1447 DSC_8225_1446 DSC_8224_1445 DSC_8223_1444 DSC_8222_1443 DSC_8221_1442 DSC_8219_1441 DSC_8218_1440 DSC_8217_1439 DSC_8216_1438 DSC_8209_1437 DSC_8197_1436 DSC_8189_1435 DSC_8179_1434 DSC_8176_1433 DSC_8175_1432 DSC_8174_1431 DSC_8172_1430 DSC_8171_1429 DSC_8170_1428 DSC_8169_1427 DSC_8168_1426 DSC_8167_1425 DSC_8164_1424 DSC_8163_1423 DSC_8160_1422 DSC_8159_1421 DSC_8158_1420

DSC_8231_1451 DSC_8277_1477 DSC_8269_1476 DSC_8268_1475 DSC_8266_1474 DSC_8263_1473 DSC_8262_1472 DSC_8259_1471 DSC_8257_1470 DSC_8256_1469 DSC_8255_1468 DSC_8254_1467 DSC_8253_1466 DSC_8251_1465 DSC_8247_1464 DSC_8246_1463 DSC_8245_1462 DSC_8244_1461 DSC_8242_1460 DSC_8241_1459 DSC_8240_1458 DSC_8238_1457 DSC_8236_1456 DSC_8235_1455 DSC_8234_1454 DSC_8233_1453 DSC_8232_1452

DSC_8312_1499 DSC_8355_1534 DSC_8354_1533 DSC_8352_1532 DSC_8349_1531 DSC_8348_1530 DSC_8347_1529 DSC_8345_1528 DSC_8344_1527 DSC_8343_1526 DSC_8342_1525 DSC_8341_1524 DSC_8340_1523 DSC_8339_1522 DSC_8338_1521 DSC_8337_1520 DSC_8336_1519 DSC_8335_1518 DSC_8334_1517 DSC_8333_1516 DSC_8332_1515 DSC_8331_1514 DSC_8328_1513 DSC_8327_1512 DSC_8325_1511 DSC_8324_1510 DSC_8323_1509 DSC_8322_1508 DSC_8321_1507 DSC_8319_1506 DSC_8318_1505 DSC_8317_1504 DSC_8316_1503 DSC_8315_1502 DSC_8314_1501 DSC_8313_1500

DSC_8356_1535 DSC_8407_1578 DSC_8406_1577 DSC_8405_1576 DSC_8403_1575 DSC_8402_1574 DSC_8401_1573 DSC_8400_1572 DSC_8399_1571 DSC_8398_1570 DSC_8397_1569 DSC_8396_1568 DSC_8394_1567 DSC_8393_1566 DSC_8392_1565 DSC_8391_1564 DSC_8390_1563 DSC_8389_1562 DSC_8388_1561 DSC_8387_1560 DSC_8386_1559 DSC_8385_1558 DSC_8384_1557 DSC_8383_1556 DSC_8382_1555 DSC_8380_1554 DSC_8379_1553 DSC_8378_1552 DSC_8376_1551 DSC_8375_1550 DSC_8374_1549 DSC_8372_1548 DSC_8370_1547 DSC_8369_1546 DSC_8368_1545 DSC_8367_1544 DSC_8366_1543 DSC_8365_1542 DSC_8363_1541 DSC_8362_1540 DSC_8361_1539 DSC_8359_1538 DSC_8358_1537 DSC_8357_1536

DSC_8408_1579 DSC_8464_1617 DSC_8463_1616 DSC_8462_1615 DSC_8461_1614 DSC_8460_1613 DSC_8459_1612 DSC_8458_1611 DSC_8457_1610 DSC_8456_1609 DSC_8455_1608 DSC_8454_1607 DSC_8451_1606 DSC_8450_1605 DSC_8449_1604 DSC_8448_1603 DSC_8447_1602 DSC_8446_1601 DSC_8445_1600 DSC_8444_1599 DSC_8443_1598 DSC_8441_1597 DSC_8440_1596 DSC_8438_1595 DSC_8437_1594 DSC_8436_1593 DSC_8435_1592 DSC_8434_1591 DSC_8433_1590 DSC_8427_1589 DSC_8426_1588 DSC_8424_1587 DSC_8423_1586 DSC_8414_1585 DSC_8413_1584 DSC_8412_1583 DSC_8411_1582 DSC_8410_1581 DSC_8409_1580

DSC_8479_1618 DSC_8605_1633 DSC_8587_1632 DSC_8586_1631 DSC_8585_1630 DSC_8575_1629 DSC_8574_1628 DSC_8573_1627 DSC_8572_1626 DSC_8571_1625 DSC_8570_1624 DSC_8569_1623 DSC_8566_1622 DSC_8565_1621 DSC_8545_1620 DSC_8492_1619

DSC_8640_1660 DSC_8719_1689 DSC_8716_1688 DSC_8715_1687 DSC_8712_1686 DSC_8709_1685 DSC_8707_1684 DSC_8703_1683 DSC_8699_1682 DSC_8697_1681 DSC_8695_1680 DSC_8694_1679 DSC_8693_1678 DSC_8692_1677 DSC_8690_1676 DSC_8688_1675 DSC_8687_1674 DSC_8686_1673 DSC_8685_1672 DSC_8678_1671 DSC_8672_1670 DSC_8665_1669 DSC_8659_1668 DSC_8656_1667 DSC_8653_1666 DSC_8652_1665 DSC_8650_1664 DSC_8647_1663 DSC_8644_1662 DSC_8642_1661

DSC_8721_1690 DSC_8772_1724 DSC_8771_1723 DSC_8769_1722 DSC_8768_1721 DSC_8767_1720 DSC_8764_1719 DSC_8759_1718 DSC_8758_1717 DSC_8757_1716 DSC_8756_1715 DSC_8753_1714 DSC_8752_1713 DSC_8751_1712 DSC_8750_1711 DSC_8747_1710 DSC_8746_1709 DSC_8743_1708 DSC_8742_1707 DSC_8740_1706 DSC_8738_1705 DSC_8737_1704 DSC_8736_1703 DSC_8735_1702 DSC_8734_1701 DSC_8733_1700 DSC_8732_1699 DSC_8730_1698 DSC_8729_1697 DSC_8728_1696 DSC_8727_1695 DSC_8725_1694 DSC_8724_1693 DSC_8723_1692 DSC_8722_1691

DSC_8775_1725 DSC_8820_1757 DSC_8819_1756 DSC_8818_1755 DSC_8817_1754 DSC_8816_1753 DSC_8815_1752 DSC_8814_1751 DSC_8813_1750 DSC_8812_1749 DSC_8811_1748 DSC_8810_1747 DSC_8809_1746 DSC_8808_1745 DSC_8807_1744 DSC_8806_1743 DSC_8805_1742 DSC_8804_1741 DSC_8803_1740 DSC_8802_1739 DSC_8801_1738 DSC_8800_1737 DSC_8799_1736 DSC_8798_1735 DSC_8797_1734 DSC_8796_1733 DSC_8795_1732 DSC_8794_1731 DSC_8793_1730 DSC_8792_1729 DSC_8791_1728 DSC_8790_1727 DSC_8783_1726





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