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i am stressed out. the world is pressing in on me from all directions and i am being stretched beyond my capacities in directions i never knew i could bend.

my sress points push push breack through typoes

take a bannana mash it up into a puree . baby food .


blended brazil nuts. almonds. casherws . walnuts. pecans. hazelnuts . raw . unsalted.

cuz you definately dont want salt in this. use soy yoghurt, but i use regular yoghurt.

[[you know my stance at this time ]]

you can add a little vanilla extract.

if you had some granola you could add it on too. but thad be crazy.


pretty good breakfast. you could even put peanut butter in. i havent tried it though.. you could even put wheatgrass in but i think we need to get a wheatgrass processor. twist with you hand , and twist and you got the juice.

benefits all at once or a little each day.

its like a smoothie with nuts. but its also got creatmy texture. in between a milkshake .....illegible... and nuts

you get fruit . you get live bacteria and you get protein.


all are working on it.

~ expression ~

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