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talent // high expectation


On the double edged sword of talent / high expectation

If you are talented, capable, or/and above average in any way others will hold you to their high expectations.

This can be hard, as they may even be holding you to a standard they hold no one else, including themselves

However, this is what you have dreamed of, fervently hoped, secretly wished for - someone who can see how bright your light can shine even if your future rays would blind your current eyes

The challenge of meeting such a standard and the fear of not living up to it is why people play small and cover their light so as not to blind those eyes have adapted to the dimness around them (even their own).

The dim ones question - who am I to shine so bright to cause you to adjust your gaze, increasing your tolerance of brilliance ?

The true question is - who are you not to do what you were born to do, numbing, attempting to forget why you came here, and leaving undone the work you were made to passionately complete?

A dream deferred or denied is dead - and who are you to deny your destiny?