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to me and you


Inviting your gaze, celebratory

in your eyes – myself desired :

my own desire rising in meeting

trembling tender tendrils tickle

expanding bandwidth splaying sensation

dewdrops of consciousness condensing at tantalizing tips

Contours – texture tornadoes : tongue tasting ridges

Climbing cliffs, caverns of bone

Molten muscles morphing,

Sloughing tight old skin: shedding sorrowful shadows

trust – bare - warmed in languid patches of sunshine :

Dusting radiant moon & mountain gold


ground of trust fertile soil for physicality to bloom forth

Tender holding, petals open

flower portal,  aperture spiraling wide

perched atop a column of light, penetrating pillar of passion

Regretless receptive vessel : yearning to feel fullness

you have tenderly thrust my walls into bridges : reaching into me

flexing membrane yielding to your luminous liquid touch


owning my unfolding

Blood rushing, blushing at my own blossoming

emboldened invitation into ceremonious cathedral

embodied enrobing, enveloping as scrumptious living skin


Oozing : Savoring liquid sunshine, golden honey : scintillating searing syrup

drink deep of my nectar: promiscuous proboscis gently probing pressure

liquid snake, pouring into porousness,

Flowing holy,

wholly through holey hurt places, filling them with your juicy thick magnificence


Unashamed of my ache :

hungry : To feel your hunger

Devour you devouring me

Long waiting for your banquet

in hibernation : now awakened : Ravenous : are you ready (…or not…here I come)

feasting : teeth sharp but tender

drinking : seeping in you : Sipping both fast & slow :

naked water sacrifice, you summon me


Giving my time in service, adoration, surrender to you

attentive student of your soul

blessing presence as a gift

bowing in service to sweeping your spirit clear

Praying to the temple of your flesh

worshiping at the altar of your physicality,

movement muse : Inspiring

Wicked wonderful worship


your attentive attending

deep presence an art

listening deepening my longing

wild with waiting

I shake for you

Tender turbulence : energetic sifter

Frolicking, folding fractals: teasingly tucking corners

Holding open energetic portals : Surrender wider

Open handed offering


soul slipping beyond masks

De-veiling, revealing, free from fear

Naked webs of nerves laid bare, electric energy arcs between our auras

delicious anticipation : an ache that deepens as it fills

acid burning away residue, removing resistance

voluptuous voltage, desirous to fulfil my growing capacity to carry energy

radiating magnetic heat : seized as tool of creation

delightful dawning of deliverance : infusing embrace

emergent : united universal bliss


Perpetually perceptually altered : space of deep attention my new home

Beckoning : Come closer: Once more

most unforgettable lover :

(celebrating my darkness as my light)


De-armored, raw, pulsing

Relishing reveling in rapture : roaming realms

Luxurious excellence

smiling, heart in song, fire in belly

Our co-created presence a catalyst for sacred alchemy

~ expression ~

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