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tie dye pro (although I am no expert, I have spent many hours working on my craft and am beyond the level of a beginner) tips: colors on opposite wheels of the spectrum from one another look great next to each other or in the same position on the reverse side (will end up next door after reveal)

I use cotton thread to bind my folds and tie them tight - but be careful not to cause your design to buckle. I prefer them over rubber bands simply because one can get them tighter, cotton is more easily replenished over rubber trees (natural rubber) or crude oil (synthetic rubber), in addition to producing dyed threads which I then use in other projects. One I run out of my spool, I shall be using artificial sinew and will compare the two.

   _1393DSC_9950 _1392DSC_9949

it's never too late to mutate (print by ray troll) + mushroom tie dye


sin + arrow tie dye

_1389DSC_9944 _1388DSC_9943

represent 707 + flower


thick classy sweater




lace up - future mod with two front pockets


'el amor conquisara todo'




jean shorts


double rainbow all the way


~ expression ~

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