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This valentines day I fell madly in love

With my body

The most delicious love is that which is unexpected – and this one was for something I though I knew like the back of my hand, but the truth was that I had taken something steadfast and strong for granted. When something you through you knew all the sides of that you’ve caressed all the way around suddenly allows you in to a trusted hidden place.

I used to think that free movement required loose clothing, but found that the extra fabric caught on limbs, bound below bodies, tearing holes with audible rips. Shrouding myself in layers I would always have a portion of my mind concerned about the state of my garment, adjusting the movement to accommodate the limitation of the garb, and this concern held me back and occupied mental energy taking me out of the immediacy of sensing the experience. Initially hesitant about ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ I put the suit through its paces during a 12+ hour movement art event. As I sweated, inverted, twerked, and cavorted, all initial concerns about inadvertently flashing others and having bounding breasts reveal themselves were banished and I bared my chest and heart openly. I was the perfect temperature all night, the suit breathed with me as I sweat profusely and I always felt warm, never chilled or cold. I had my first extended fling with the suit

Now I am liberated as distilled essence.

Somatic superhero

Safe to show itself – nonjudgement – bodysuit reveals everything – there are no folds to hide behind, no balloons of fabric to conceal, everything is shown – luckily the bodysuit shows you in your most flattering streamlined form.  There is nothing to hide, and there is no reason to hide. Because there is no reason to hide, there is nothing to hide. A history of nit picking at imperfections inches from the mirror replaced by admiring the flow of my form from forehead to foot.

Complements crystalizing consciousness of how good it feels to wear this skin “you look great in the bodysuit” to which I replied – the bodysuit makes everyone look good. When I reflected on why this was true it is because the bodysuit makes you feel good – powerful, capable, supported, protected, embodiment enhanced.

Sure I still had feelings of striving for more suppleness, strength, slenderness, lithe, strong - and the beautiful thing about the bodysuit is that is supported me in these pursuits while enmeshed a full body hug. There for me like an accepting supportive shadow -  I was enveloped in an embrace with no lines to constrict or cut across the smooth silhouette of my curvaceous form. I was surrounded in support, cradled in the fullness of my form.  I found that in being compressed and contained the possibilities of my movement were unlocked – suddenly new realms opened to me in liquid limitlessness of limb. Stretching in ways that would normally tear seams, in the bodysuit movement is a dream.

Exploring the movement suited to my makeup I moved in the ways I am made for – wobbling, wriggling, and worming around entangled in a bodywork dance. I become a different person in the bodysuit - my connection to myself, others, and my environment takes on a new depth as new forms of interaction and behavior opens themselves to me through my attire. I am revealed, nonthreatening, nothing hidden and at the same time I can delve more into exploration knowing I am protected – like a slippery suit of amor armor.

The bodysuit is a radical experience in connection – expanding range of motion, lubricating the relationship between you and your environment, facilitating easeful dynamic play with others.

Feeling my folds sliding across each other like dolphin skin, the makeup fo the fabric allowing me to slip, slide and squirm like an eel rather than sticking to sweaty skin and chafing. I was protected in my slippery smoothness.

The seamless sensation of gliding in a bodysuit reveals the purity of the physical and movement form – inspiring the exploration of edges, following the full line through to complete rotation rebounding upon itself – extending the form, flowing through tips of limbs. 

The bodysuit serves as an encouraging physical reminder to move – inspiring stretching, diving low, as there is nothing soiling itself by dragging on the ground even in a low squat or when releasing water. This futuristic fabric is functions as a tool for evolved embodiment.

share the gift of evolved embodiment – equip yourself with the tool needed to stretch, and evolve your edge

Plentiful possibilities

Potentiates play

Seamless somactivation


Conscious movement catalyst

Line curve form

Slippery and safe in my suit of amor – oceanic womb dolphin –

No sleeves, ventilation, no dragging parts when use the restroom

I have fallen in love

With my body

exploring the movement made possible by my makeup  -

Patterns of motion that open me deeper into myself

Thanks to the imbodhi bodysuit I rekindled my love affair with my physicality

After wearing it for an extended period of time I did not want to take it off – and so I decided it was the time to invest in more so that I could continue to evolve my embodiment

Playful, animal, but not stuck, flowing,

Wind fire water earth

See peoples muscles move in the bodhisuit

Born of a wish and a dream to facilitate more embodiment

Physical freaks

Nothing to hide

I even put both legs behind my head at the same time for the first time

Low cut butt  - twerking – new moves invented

Unlock embodiment

Energy pulling to end of limbs beaming out

Share tools to facilitate embodiment

Nothing to catch, rip, slip under, tear


Full body hug

Walk tall, spine erect, string of pearls

Fell in love with bodysuit at an all night party

In body

Expression of love of physicality in physical form

Share the gift of conscious embodied movement