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We are the movement movement :


we are known in the way we move.



culture returning awareness back to body as temple

movement meditation medicine our sacred sacrament


magnifying mobile ener-magnetic field

shared rite in space-time

where bodies come to pray


presence piloting physicality

vessels channeling spirit, scene, & story


delighting in conscious canvas of surface & structure

exquisite sensation combinations

performed in playful proprioception

exponential multiplication of in-joy-ment

In experimentally expanding sensation palette


motivating motion

mirror neurons mentally modelling a mutual mobility map

delivering delicious dopamine direct to the dome


bountiful body bliss instilling inspirational impulse to

energetically enrobe oneself in empathetic engagement



averting from the treadmill of goal-grasping attachment

true treasure – present presence

bountiful basking in un-replicable radiance :

blooming womb/tomb transcending transitory transition


wisdom wearing bodies distinctly in metamorphose

pleasure practice calling forth continual contextual content co-creation,

callisthenic calibration, innovation, and adaptation


each empath an epic echoing though eons

patterned in prose

in communion threading together

weaving waveforms

integrating intelligence

seeding spooling spirals in space-time


modelling mystery in motion

meeting materiality maternally

living lifetimes engaging in evolving relationships


in native tongue of touch :

translating tactile texture & traction

communicating content in dynamic 3-D data density

freed from fetters of flatness -

flowering fractalizing facets flowing

Interdimensional introspection

meaning moving beyond dwindling dried-up depth of dependence

on context-stripped confusion and chaos common in mono-communication.


Roam :

Interconnectors cross-pollinating the globe – gathering to

wander in wonder throughout the world

finding far-flung family in

enfolding embrace


reconnecting in reaching out

squishing into synergistic species

rejoicing in reuniting

celebrating collective company

cultivation of co-creative capability to

hold holistic healing spheres

gathering in attuned awareness

reducing resistance & rebirthing into resonance


nourishing gnosis

( local & long-range )

in awe-amplifying self-harmonizing feedback fields


cherishing community

collective caring

universe in-formed by personal perspective

exploring our-self

recognizing a lesson learned lonely is also learned at large

remembering reciprocity, walking in compassionate balance


embracing emotions as soul song

expressed easefully in flow –

fantastically far from frozen in fear of feeling


relaxed, receptive, & responsive

to reflection & rebirth


summoning safe space

internal listening to unconscious mapped in body

transmuting trauma & triggers

unlocking power previously padlocked & patrolled in projection


liberating bound & buried becomings

in service to conscious purposes


curiously catalyzing capacity to create capabilities

carefully encouraging exploration of elongating our edges

cultivating fertile soil to feed the growing evolutionary edge


co-creating curative cultural change

boldly birthing a potent paradigm

re-memebring graceful gratittude

dreaming daringly -

in so doing, penning new stories for our free future

framing the spirit of the age

reverberating in a remembrance of wholeness

embodying our destiny of bringing forth

heaven on earth



welcome to the movement revolution.


v.2.0 : 1.9.16