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Annette Mara Gearlds

Waiting at the bus stop (forgoing bicycling due to rain and lack of appropriate gear) I am approached by a woman who asks me if the long house (homeless action center) is still open. I do not know the answer to her query.
She asks me to remember her name, in case something happens to her tonight, because "people are trying to kill her". I tell her that I will write her information down and retrieve my small notebook.

As she writes her information alongside the lavender I have pressed beneath its pages she says, "I danced on campus today, and I was at the starry a lot of people saw me. Usually I would go to people's park but with things like they are...I might head over to the hospital and 5150 myself". I ask her what I can do to help her and what to do with the information she gave me. She says, in case you hear of something happening to me you will know.
As follows is her information (date of birth, social security number,  California licence number withheld)


I hope that you found a safe place Annette Mara Gearlds whom I last laid eyes on at the 18 bus stop at the intersection of woolsey and Shattuck at around 10:55 pm on April 24th, 2014.

She thanks me although in have done nothing but be a witness to her human existence, recognizing her presence in a space and time that we both shared. For her I will work towards the creation of safe spaces to sleep, for heaven knows we all need them.

[edit: idea to create art pieces in public space that can be used as safe spaces to spend the night/enjoyable to climb, explore, spend time in. coming home late at night, biking under freeways and overpasses, I cannot help but imagine this underutilized space could have hammocks with a large net hanging below]

7 thoughts on “Annette Mara Gearlds

  1. Junior Curbow

    Annette Gearlds is a very bright and caring person. She has a Sociology degree from UCB (Berkeley). She loves people and animals. She has also worked at the Nature Conservancy. She often helps others. However, she is now dealing with some sort of crisis that others are uncertain the details. She is currently missing but has been seen and heard around the Bay Area. Should anybody see her or know her whereabouts please contact her family listed herein or contact the Berkeley Police where she has been reported as a missing person. If you are able, please give her shelter and assistance. She is worth it. Aren't we all worth human dignity, love, respect and help. Be safe and be well, Annette Mara Gearlds. Thank You!

  2. Tracey Gearlds

    Annette is no longer safe at home. She has been on the streets since mid-September when her father was admitted to the hospital. We desperately want to know she is somewhere....she is not safe on the streets, of that we are sure. But, if anyone has seen her or knows where she might be staying we would be grateful to know. She has many friends in the East Bay. She is a beautiful soul with significant life challenges. If you know anything about Annette please contact me at my email address. She doesn't have to contact us, we just want to know where she is. Many, many thanks....(I'm her sister-in-law).

    1. alexarazma

      Tracey -

      Thank you for the update on Annette : as of now I have no new information to offer you beyond the hope that she is safe and can let you know this . may Annette be protected

    2. Junior Curbow


      I have seen Annette about a half a dozen times running around SF. I had also seen the AD in the Advertiser and tore it out and gave it to her when I seen her. She threw it directly in the trash when I handed it to her. So, I also verbally told her what the AD said. The last time that I seen her was just last night, in front of Old Navy. She was dancing on the sidewalk to the music of street performers. She is usually on Market street between the areas of 5th street to 2nd street all of the times that I have seen her. Good luck.


  3. Reve

    I saw Annette yesterday at Powell Street Bart, she cut her hair short and didn't have her glasses on but I recognized her after she started mentioning things about TNC. I'm not sure if she has family around that are looking for her but she looked relatively safe and taken care of. God bless.

  4. Janet

    Outpatient assistance program has been in contact with her several times. She doesn't want to come in for help right now. We will continue to build a relationship with her in hopes that she reaches out for help. – Janet


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