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burn.rise :



sweep slumber from your self, awaken dawn within. eyes wide, great the great heat, burning away that which is no longer serving you. wring out your bones and sing your soul. rise flaming phoenix, beckoned, becoming by breath. paint your dreams upon the canvas of your life in riotous color to rival the glowing dawn. purple mountain majesty, your cotton candy clouds a pastel pastry perfection, filled with the powdery power of a dusting of dreams still settling.



#mountain #colorfulsunrise #pastelsunrise #burningman


_4867DSC_5357 _4866DSC_5356

river :

humid, baking, sweltering, overbearing roasty sun beats down, lungs seared by wet heat. turning head, limbs soggy, moving through space with great effort as if underwater, a slight coolness is found, a secret note slipped under the hot oppressive blanket. following the trail feels like dipping into ribbons of layered silk. cascading down into the juicy dancing blues of the river, the dappled sunlight as zebra stripe punctuating the water. the liquid flow a muscular languid anaconda, plump pumping. deep lush greenery behind shimmering red curtains of heat, the river a drink for the eyes.

#africa #river #anaconda #juicy




gold dusted stone





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