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hat : whimsical / warm / welcoming

{ now knitting custom orders }

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This hat is fully customize-able : because this headpiece is hand-knit, size, length, and number/ color of stripes are to your specifications.

This piece of headware is also interactive : one can approach an admiring bystander (familiar or new friend!) and tell them to explore the garland, slipping off the longer of the two securing chin straps as they nestle their hand into the topmost open center of the crown (and if so desired - the brave ones giving you a head massage in the process!). You can gently coax them to tug on the cap to extend it to its full length as they gasp in delight and wonder at the whimsy. To 'reset' the design, one merely removes the helmet and pulls the strap back down over the chin, holding the topmost layer securely to your head. The bonnet can be worn scrunched or fully extended depending on style preference, temperature needs, activity level, and proximity of moving machinery.

Get this sombrero in your loved ones favorite hues, you're favorite sport's teams colors to keep you warm on the bleachers, the colors of your relatives alma matter, or to match a beloved coat / costume to ward off the winter doldrums and enliven passerby.

I began this project without following a pattern while I was recovering from a complete ACL tear. As a dancer, not being able to move as I wished proved deeply challenging, and being able to express my creativity even while in traction kept my spirits up. I knit/sewed the first model while completing my physical therapy exercises, and since then have improved upon my self-made design.

I decided to share the joy that this hood brings to the wearer and those who have the delight of seeing/playing with the original after receiving many inquiries about where it came from (~ I made it - and it is only one in the world as of yet !).

The original headdress is knit from Peruvian highland wool and is extraordinarily warm. The high cost is reflective of the quality of materials, labor, and length. Please message me to discuss the details of your desired design so that I can provide a more accurate quote based on your needs.

reach out and make contact :

x [at] alexarazma [dot] com



thank you for modelling Chanti <3

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