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greetings ~


in this particular universe I am :

: legally identified as alexa razma but eagerly respond to / prefer nicknames : raz, razma, raz/berry, razzle dazzle, razmataz, and various secret names / terms of endearment I treasure.

: inventor of the { somatic magic } bodywork style -

[ why I created { somatic magic } - personal consent history ]

: a buddha-in-training seeking to be an exponential love multiplier - utilizing my life experiences, learnings, and love to aid others.

: a mobile, breathing piece of performance art, wearing my fabric art + gifting hug-justments.

: an empathetic listener, holding space and empowering others to attune to their highest self awareness.

: deeply immersed in co-creating intentional communities, eco-villages, and heart-opening spaces.

: interested in learning more about foraging, permaculture, sacred/temple dance forms, welding, woodworking, ceramics, crochet, ancient healing modalities, herbal lore, sailing, knots, wilderness first aid/response



be well.


reach out and make contact via the interconnected web:

x [at] alexarazma [dot] com

~ expression ~

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