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mixed my own custom colors for this round, which really added dimension and depth and brought out the design. 


tie dye expert tips: after soaking your project in soda ash for an hour and carefully squeezing the excess out, set it aside to dry in a warm place. This may take a few days depending on your fabric and the thickness of the folds. Pros: allows for more control of color placement as well as those nice crisp white/color boundaries. Cons: project is thirsty for dye (may require more dye to penetrate fabric...will experiment and report back); have to be able to plan ahead and give yourself the cushion of what may be a few days drying time. 


tie dye experimentation : 


thick sweater bundle


could not resist this print - check out the bottom monkey's wide eyes and the top's glazed over half-closed lids 



crisscross lace-up bound and gagged


color scheme inspiration - sunset


clearly this is not 100% cotton - for shame false advertising, for shame 







good ol' bob marley 

 _1047DSC_9547 _1048DSC_9548

double heart peace sign - good crisp on the back

_1049DSC_9549 _1050DSC_9551 

color play, mandala / lotus blossom on the back


tiger stripe burnout fabric 

_1055DSC_9557 _1056DSC_9558

sine wave rainbow skirt

_1057DSC_9559 _1058DSC_9560

fundies undies 

_1062DSC_9565 _1063DSC_9566


inspired by fire - huzzah for pockets !

_1065DSC_9568 _1066DSC_9569 _1067DSC_9570 _1068DSC_9571 _1069DSC_9572 _1070DSC_9573

inspiration: deep sea / ocean

_1071DSC_9555 _1072DSC_9556

one fish two fish red fish blue fish

_1073DSC_9561 _1074DSC_9563 _1075DSC_9564 

mmm mmm crispay!

~ expression ~

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