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Kombo : Frog Medicine

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The summer of 2015 I was blessed to first sit with the frog.


kombo origin story, lore :

King Kombo had an illness and he went on an ayahuasca journey and asked the grandmother what he needed to do to be healed. She showed him the tree frog medicine and how to use it and he was cured and shared the knowledge with his tribe. It is said that his spirit is in the medicine of the tree frog for he brought this medicine to humankind.

It is said that the medicine of male and female frogs is different and provokes different reactions in human males and females, and that experiencing the medicine of the other gendered frog is more challenging for the opposite human gender.

The lesson of the green frog is to live from the heart. The frog can only hop forwards, never backwards, and so reminds us to keep moving forward in our lives.


about the frog - where it lives, how the poison is harvested

The tree frog's native habitat is in the Amazon. The frog is not harmed in the harvest. It is tied spread eagle between sticks and it's nose is tickled so that it produces poison. This slick poison is then gently scraped off with a bamboo stick, where it dries and then is and wrapped in a leaf or husk.

When one is in the native habitat of the frog the fresh poison is administered in 'points' (the dots of slick slimy excretion) immediately upon collection. If this is not a possibility, the dried kombo is very portable on the bamboo stick wrapped in a leaf.

How is it administered

After prayers, smudging, and intentions are set, individuals are assigned an amount of points to receive in that sitting. Factors that are considered in this evaluation are if it is your first time sitting with the frog, your weight, any physical ailments you are seeking to address, and how many rounds you are planning to sit overall.

The location of administration is also decided – traditionally women receive the medicine on their ankles, and men on their outer shoulder. This difference allows the poison to pass through the women’s reproductive organs on the way to the heart, and for males to have it move more quickly to their heart.

The kombo is dehydrated – sometimes with drops of water from a cup, or sprayed onto the bamboo directly with a spray bottle.


What your guide should ask (how you know they are caring and legitimate)

If you have any medical conditions – especially heart conditions. Any medications you are on. How you prefer to be comforted, soothed. Pointing out locations of bathrooms. Should check on you periodically as you go through the cleansing process. Ideally sings songs, plays instruments,


Things to know before sitting – how to prepare – supplies

Consume liver strengthening and cleansing herbs in teas such as dandelion, nettle.

Go to steam bath or sauna – drink plenty of water the week before.

No smoke, alcohol a week before sitting, no other medicines.

Drink at least a gallon of water before sitting, which is usually in the morning after you wake up.

Have plenty of high quality water available – ideally distilled, with concentrate minerals replaced (water thread)


Have a bucket available for each person sitting. Blankets, squish, pants that are easy to take on and off, breathable loose fitting clothing,


what it does when it is administered

activates immune system. Liver dump all bile. Gallbladder? Cleanse, purge


What it feels like

Heartbeat loud and in ears, blood pulsing through entire body, nausea, fevers, cold sweats.

Deeper sensors see black and white visions that have a liquid ripple texture to them.


Levels of purge

first clear foam - almost looks like the eggs of the frog

then light yellow, the deeper darker yellow (like un-hydrated urine)

some purge through their mouths and stomachs, others through their digestive tracts (down is deeper?)


Related medicines

Hape (hape portal)

sacred tobacco snuff. I am known as a grounding rod, and even I was brought to my hands and knees in worship to the earth element that is conveyed so strongly.


Ayahuasca –grandmother visionary vine, vine of the spirits, vine of the dead

Sananga – eye drops



Little frog, heart medicine - gentle medicine for it's potency - always suffused with love

warrior medicine – heart medicine, heart chakra


I have obtained consent to connect folks seeking kombo to two practitioners I have sat with an highly recommend. Please leave a comment if you are interested in sitting with the frog.