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i have been graced with the capability of bestowing healing hugs.

I have coined the term hugjustments [hug-justments = combination of the words hug and adjustment]

it is challenging for me to describe them, but when pressed, I state that they are a synergy of a hug, massage, and back adjustment/re-alignment that liberates slow moving or stagnant energy in the body. benefits include movement of blood, bone, and breath.


others have described them as :

bear hugs


chiropractic hugs (due to the fact that i more often than not I crack folk's backs)

having earth mama vibes

well rooted

super strong


some of my favorite comments have been:

that my hug removed '7 layers of karma'

"I feel taller"

"You're erasing high school and middle school"

I feel reborn

that got the energy moving again

I am a new person

and the many  'thank you, I needed did you know?'


just received a lovely story from j.h. that i wish to share :

"I was standing next to you on two different occasions and witnessed you give
a person a hug at each place.  Both of those people turned to me (as I
recall this was after you had gone) and said, “Wow!  That was one of
the best hugs I’ve ever received.”  Prior to that I had never heard
anyone say that about any hug they had received, and it happened
twice.  "

it is great to get feedback about the effect that these hugs have on others.

I have been asked by several people to develop and teach a class on how to give these healing hugs, and I am in the process of developing a guide in both written and video form.

when questioned I stress empathy, intuition, strength, and practice as major catalysts to this transfer of positive energy. the trust of the receiver is paramount and I often state 'relax and breathe out, let your weight go...because I got you'

keep a lookout for the travelling healing hugger and be sure to get razzed if you are called to do so when in my physical presence


~ expression ~

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