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the night before xmas, in which Lithuanian families gather together and consume the same foods year after year - 12 dishes sans-meat, most containing fish, such as silkės (herring), šaltibarščiai (beet soup), and šližikai (bite-sized hard biscuits) with agounų pienas (poppy-seed milk) which also acts as a mild sedative!

plotkelės (wafers) are handed to each person and each breaks off a piece of each other's plotkelė, wishing them a happy year

straw ornaments made from threaded string and glue abound. traditionally straw is placed under the tablecloth and the human who pulls the longest shaft is said to live the longest


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mother's xmas day spread

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Šakotis / Raguolis



and some 'Cards Against Humanity' (thanks for introducing us to 'em P)


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