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live to dye

tie dye pro tips: After one allows their project to dye after bring soaked in soda ash, the dye does not spread as far as a project still damp from soda ash. In addition, as one can see from the effects demonstrated on three bandannas below, there is little white space or fold lines to be seen. This gives a more filled out color, and an interesting 'coloring book' effect.


healing lotus bandanna


peace sign bandanna


stained glass flower bandanna

_1439DSC_0052 _1440DSC_0053

patterns emerging from the clouds

_1441DSC_0055 _1442DSC_0056

gumby heart

_1443DSC_0058 _1444DSC_0059

subtle tie dye

_1445DSC_0060 _1446DSC_0061

queen of hearts dress


big ol' blooming mandala


~ expression ~

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