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NYC.hapter 2


New York City's museums are world class. I could live in the Met feeding off of the richness of the artistry alone. Below find a photographic tour of pieces that inspired me for those that are unable to be present with the physical work itself at this moment.

museum grand tour

DSC_6964_708 DSC_7010_740

Museum of Arts & Design

2 Columbus Cir
New York, NY 10019
to begin, the gift shop with a stunning array of jewelry, pottery, and beautiful craft

DSC_6391_291 DSC_6392_292 DSC_6394_293 DSC_6395_294 DSC_6398_295 DSC_6399_296 DSC_6400_297 DSC_6401_298 DSC_6403_299

graphite functional writing art objects


lacey geometric woodcut bowls

DSC_6407_301 DSC_6408_302 DSC_6409_303 DSC_6410_304 DSC_6411_305 DSC_6412_306



cutting, serving, and pizza boards


glass bowls with inset chopstick rest


within the museum


cornrow styles across the globe

DSC_6419_312 DSC_6421_313 DSC_6422_314 DSC_6423_315 DSC_6424_316 DSC_6425_317 DSC_6426_318

highly styled high heels

DSC_6427_319 DSC_6428_320 DSC_6429_321 DSC_6430_322 DSC_6432_323 DSC_6433_324 DSC_6434_325 DSC_6435_326 DSC_6436_327 DSC_6437_328 DSC_6438_329 DSC_6439_330 DSC_6440_331 DSC_6441_332 DSC_6442_333 DSC_6443_334 DSC_6444_335

found object guitar

DSC_6445_336 DSC_6446_337

bullet bespeckled chair

DSC_6447_338 DSC_6448_339 DSC_6449_340 DSC_6450_341 DSC_6451_342 DSC_6452_343

nutty nut chair

DSC_6453_344 DSC_6455_345 DSC_6456_346 DSC_6457_347 DSC_6458_348 DSC_6459_349 DSC_6460_350 DSC_6462_351 DSC_6463_352 DSC_6464_353 DSC_6466_354 earth root chakra chair

DSC_6467_355 DSC_6469_356 DSC_6471_357 DSC_6472_358 DSC_6473_359 DSC_6474_360 DSC_6477_361 DSC_6478_362 DSC_6479_363 DSC_6480_364 DSC_6481_365 DSC_6482_366 DSC_6483_367 DSC_6484_368 DSC_6485_369

DSC_6486_370 DSC_6487_371 DSC_6488_372 DSC_6489_373 DSC_6490_374 DSC_6491_375 DSC_6492_376 DSC_6493_377 DSC_6494_378 DSC_6495_379

hexagonal geometic lattice shadow

DSC_6496_380 DSC_6497_381 DSC_6499_382 DSC_6500_383 DSC_6501_384

innovative chair design - settled chair converts into rocking chair by flipping it over

DSC_6502_385 DSC_6503_386 DSC_6504_387 DSC_6506_388 DSC_6507_389 DSC_6508_390 DSC_6509_391 DSC_6510_392 DSC_6511_393 DSC_6512_394 DSC_6513_395

fluid tentacle organic alien beadwork DSC_6514_396 DSC_6515_397 DSC_6516_398 DSC_6517_399 DSC_6518_400 DSC_6519_401 feathered cloth chandelier

DSC_6520_402 DSC_6521_403 DSC_6522_404 DSC_6523_405

knit woven chair

DSC_6524_406 DSC_6525_407 DSC_6526_408

DSC_6527_409 DSC_6528_410 DSC_6529_411 DSC_6530_412 DSC_6531_413

houndstooth  weaving  DSC_6532_414 DSC_6533_415 DSC_6534_416 DSC_6535_417 DSC_6536_418 DSC_6537_419 beaded dia de los muertos skull DSC_6538_420 DSC_6539_421 DSC_6541_422 DSC_6542_423 DSC_6543_424

QR code woven tapestry - old school technology, new school interconnectivity design

DSC_6544_425 DSC_6546_426 DSC_6547_427 DSC_6548_428 DSC_6549_429

Amazonian handwoven rug

DSC_6555_430 DSC_6556_431 DSC_6558_432 DSC_6559_433 DSC_6561_434 DSC_6562_435 DSC_6564_436 DSC_6565_437 DSC_6566_438 DSC_6567_439 DSC_6568_440

parachute garment

DSC_6570_441 DSC_6571_442 DSC_6572_443 DSC_6573_444 DSC_6574_445 DSC_6575_446 DSC_6576_447 DSC_6579_448

glass blown birthing

DSC_6580_449 DSC_6582_450 DSC_6584_451 DSC_6586_452 DSC_6589_453 DSC_6592_454 DSC_6593_455 DSC_6595_456

micro seed bead jewelry

DSC_6596_457 DSC_6598_458 DSC_6599_459 DSC_6601_460 DSC_6603_461 DSC_6604_462 DSC_6605_463 DSC_6606_464 DSC_6607_465 DSC_6608_466 DSC_6609_467 DSC_6610_468 DSC_6612_469 DSC_6618_470butterfly reflective mirror

DSC_6622_471 DSC_6624_472 DSC_6626_473 DSC_6627_474 DSC_6629_475 DSC_6630_476

fabulous for handwashing


snoozing at the whole


public service announcements regarding pole usage on subway : however I beg to differ


clipping one's nails in the subway was a major issue in new York before these signs


share the pole


museum of modern art

11 West 53 Street, New York City, NY 10019


DSC_6666_499 DSC_6667_500 DSC_6669_501 DSC_6670_502 DSC_6671_503 DSC_6673_504 DSC_6674_505 DSC_6675_506 DSC_6676_507 DSC_6677_508 DSC_6678_509 DSC_6679_510 DSC_6680_511 DSC_6681_512 DSC_6682_513 DSC_6683_514 DSC_6684_515 DSC_6685_516 DSC_6686_517 DSC_6687_518 DSC_6688_519 DSC_6690_520 DSC_6691_521 DSC_6692_522

befuddling weather ahead : storm fronts in all dimensions

DSC_6693_523 DSC_6694_524 DSC_6695_525 DSC_6696_526 DSC_6697_527 DSC_6699_528DSC_6700_529 DSC_6701_530 DSC_6702_531 DSC_6703_532 DSC_6704_533 DSC_6705_534 DSC_6706_535 DSC_6707_536 DSC_6711_537 DSC_6714_538 DSC_6715_539 DSC_6717_540 DSC_6718_541 DSC_6719_542 DSC_6720_543 DSC_6721_544 DSC_6722_545 DSC_6723_546 DSC_6724_547 DSC_6726_548 DSC_6727_549 DSC_6728_550

Vincent van Gogh - starry night DSC_6730_551 DSC_6731_552 DSC_6734_553 DSC_6737_554 DSC_6738_555 DSC_6739_556 DSC_6740_557 DSC_6742_558 DSC_6744_559 DSC_6745_560 DSC_6746_561 DSC_6747_562 DSC_6748_563 DSC_6749_564 DSC_6750_565 DSC_6751_566 DSC_6752_567 DSC_6753_568 DSC_6754_569 DSC_6755_570 DSC_6756_571 DSC_6757_572 DSC_6758_573 DSC_6759_574 DSC_6760_575 DSC_6761_576DSC_6762_577 DSC_6763_578 DSC_6764_579 DSC_6766_580 DSC_6767_581 DSC_6768_582 DSC_6769_583 DSC_6770_584 DSC_6771_585 DSC_6772_586 DSC_6773_587 DSC_6774_588 DSC_6775_589 DSC_6776_590 DSC_6777_591

gustav klimt

DSC_6779_592 DSC_6780_593

marcel Duchamp

DSC_6781_594 DSC_6782_595 DSC_6783_596 DSC_6784_597 DSC_6786_598 DSC_6787_599 DSC_6790_600

henri matisse DSC_6794_601 DSC_6795_602 DSC_6796_603 DSC_6798_604 DSC_6799_605 DSC_6800_606 DSC_6801_607

waiting for green bananas to ripen

DSC_6802_608 DSC_6803_609 DSC_6805_610

rotund doctor DSC_6806_611 DSC_6807_612 DSC_6808_613 DSC_6809_614 DSC_6810_615 DSC_6811_616 DSC_6812_617 DSC_6813_618 DSC_6819_619 DSC_6820_620 DSC_6822_621 DSC_6823_622 DSC_6824_623 DSC_6825_624 DSC_6826_625 DSC_6827_626

Pablo Picasso

DSC_6828_627 DSC_6830_628 DSC_6832_629 DSC_6833_630 DSC_6835_631 DSC_6836_632 DSC_6837_633 DSC_6838_634 DSC_6839_635 DSC_6841_636 DSC_6842_637 DSC_6843_638 DSC_6848_639 DSC_6849_640 DSC_6850_641

human construction maze

DSC_6851_642 DSC_6853_643

staircase slit

DSC_6854_644 DSC_6855_645 DSC_6856_646 DSC_6858_647 DSC_6859_648 DSC_6860_649 DSC_6861_650 DSC_6862_651 DSC_6863_652

Frida Kahlo

DSC_6864_653 DSC_6866_654 DSC_6867_655 DSC_6868_656 DSC_6869_657 DSC_6870_658synesthesia : eye metronome


furry cup and spoon


zipper eyes

DSC_6885_662 DSC_6887_663 DSC_6888_664 DSC_6891_665

piet Mondrian

DSC_6893_666 DSC_6894_667 DSC_6895_668 DSC_6896_669 DSC_6897_670 DSC_6898_671 DSC_6899_672 DSC_6900_673 DSC_6902_674 DSC_6903_675 DSC_6904_676 DSC_6905_677 DSC_6907_678 DSC_6908_679 DSC_6909_680 DSC_6910_681 DSC_6911_682 DSC_6912_683 DSC_6913_684 DSC_6914_685 DSC_6915_686 DSC_6917_687 DSC_6919_688 DSC_6920_689

Andrew Wyeth

DSC_6929_690 DSC_6931_691 DSC_6934_692

jolly loudly man in subway

DSC_6935_693 DSC_6936_694 DSC_6937_695 DSC_6938_696

courtesy counts -unguaranteed

DSC_6945_697 DSC_6949_698 DSC_6950_699 DSC_6952_700 DSC_6953_701

eat yourself - 34 street


penn station


Madison square garden


subway train coming in : headlightsDSC_6957_705 DSC_6961_706 DSC_6963_707 DSC_6965_709 DSC_6966_710 DSC_6967_711

what are you up to tonight ?

DSC_6968_712 DSC_6969_713 DSC_6970_714

play party rules - dos and don'ts


choose choice


Metropolitan Museum of Art

1000 5th Avenue, New York City, NY 10028 DSC_6981_717 DSC_6982_718 DSC_6983_719 DSC_6985_720DSC_6988_721DSC_6989_722



downward dog gargoyle


Iching turle


Buddhist gallery


the head of the Buddha


carved garment stone folds


ring and disk stones


intricate gold scrollwork