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please contact x [at] alexarazma [dot] com for booking inquiries

bodywork :

90+ minute sessions

my work draws on swedish deep tissue, thai, acupressure, physical therapy, and contact improvisation. I go deep, facilitating not only physical release of tissues, but restructuring and grounding. In my sessions, embodied memories can be brought to the fore, and I am comfortable and open to working through what may surface, both with a tender physical touch and verbal support until you until you feel like a new body bereft of old patterns which no longer serve you.

2 minute tune-ups

I am known for my hug-justments (a portmanteau of hug and adjustment)  : a technique I developed which simultaneously grounds and elevates the receiver - for many recipients hug-justments cause an adjustment and cracking of the spine and are also massage hug which often leaves the receiver in a state of appreciative relaxation and reconnected with their bodies.

turn your event into a treasured memory - book me for performance healing, bodywork, & hug-justments for your gathering ~

cuddling /platonic touch sessions & mentoring

Loving touch is a basic human need. Before I overcame self-judgement and the current cultural climate surrounding touch (typically limiting it to contact between relatives and monogamous intimate sexual partnerships) I was touch-starved due to lack of knowledge of my hunger and underdeveloped ability to express my desire. Slowly, over time, I cracked open my shell and challenged the status-quo and now am passionate about helping others do the same. Through detailed non-judgmental feedback I can teach you touch literacy, how to express your needs and boundaries, how to respect the boundaries of another compassionately, and how to inquire about their needs in a no/low stress environment.

 custom / live artwork :

My specialties include acrylic painting, community-building murals (in & out doors), fabric dying & tie dye, sewing, knitting, pen and ink work, logos, posters, lettering, dance (traditional Lithuanian, contact improvisation), holding sacred / ritual space

photography :

Over 15 years of experience living behind lenses, I am a conscientious documentor with an artistic eye for composition. I shoot on a Nikon D700 in RAW. Areas of expertise: headshots, fashion photography, food and drink, retail, weddings, holidays, events, photojournalism, natural landscapes and have experience in harsh, demanding, and confidential environments.

professional listening:

I combine my academic background in human development and psychological services and my training as an empathetic listener to empower your highest self-realization & co-create an environment bursting with inspired activation ~ I specialize in integrating transformative experiences (timeless, meditative, psychedelic, psychological 'emergence-ies') into daily life, group dynamics, and creating & maintaining supportive cooperative living structures. My presence is supportive, open, non-reactive and receptive & I continue to expand my container through counselling a diversity of clients.


workshops :

contact improvisation - my personal passion for the form lies at the intersection of contact improvisation and bodywork with a focus on mutual enjoyment for both giver & recipient. I also draw upon my wide repertoire of experiential exercises to allow participants to discover new impetuses and movement forms.

~ expression ~

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