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What is a hugjustment?

This two-minute tune-up is horizontal surrender.

A portmanteau of hug and adjustment, a hugjustment is a realignment of the chest and spine that looks like a hug and feels like a vertical massage. A hugjustment is an evolved hug, with the giver enlisting their forearms in tractioning the receiver’s body weight and sequentially decompressing the spine.

In this somatic technique, gravity acts as ally to giver. GOD ( = giver on demand) begins in a slight squat pressed close against receiver ( = RIB = receiver in body) with arms encircling RIB at lowest point on RIB spine, proceeding in a series of slow, small hugs to lift from RIB tailbone towards GOD heart. Listening to Voice of Body is crucial to feel how deep RIB wants (or is able) to go, as barreling over boundaries may result in injury due to rebound (boundary springing back after compressed close) or flood (penetrated boundary).

Often a hug-justment is accompanied by a release in pressure of spine and a palpable, sonic sounding as space is created between vertebrae. However, an addiction to crack is discouraged, as not all backs will crack and attachment to outcome is wack. The hugjustment may be compared to a spinelich ( = spine + Heimlich) maneuver colloquially known as a ‘reverse Heimlich’.

Caution : this technique often results in RIB complete surrender – drool happens. RIB focus is reserved for breathing into forgotten fascial spaces of rib/s/pine and re-integrating harmony into movement patterns post-parting. The paradox of the hugjustment rests in simultaneous opening + rooting both up/downwards all-at-once. A hugjustment is the most common gateway into bodywork { everywhere } .
How to Give + Receive a Hugjustment

Preparing for a hugjustment : guidelines for receivers

Following these steps allows the hugjuster (giver = GOD) to gain maximum leverage when working with receiving body (RIB). Adherence helps GOD to take care of GODbod and minimizes costrain ( = cost + strain) of performing a hugjustment.


  1. Put down burdens
    1. Let go of everything
      1. bags, expectations, responsibilities for paying attention to external situations outside of internal experience
    2. Free extremities
      1. have limbs free, loosen edges
    3. Bare heart
      1. remove sharpness
        1. necklaces, harnesses, thorny emotional protection
      2. shed/peel
        1. clothing layers in front of chest, remove restrictight ( = restrictive + tight )
      3. Relax
        1. open chest with peaceful deep breath
        2. shake out nervousness-tension
          1. bounce on balls of feet
          2. swing floppy arms counter-rotating anti/clockwise
        3. loosen voice, jaw, tongue with sounding
          1. get guttural
          2. summon saliva
        4. Consciously enter into contact
          1. Attune to the energetic field of other
          2. First-contact
            1. slow slide in flow
              1. polarity guide opposite = jittery jumpy
            2. feel other feel you
          3. let weight go
            1. pour as water to earth within container (skin bag)
            2. drop jelly loose
            3. melt
            4. exhale
          4. be held + supported
            1. by earth through body of other


guidelines for givers :

Go slow. If physical or energetic barrier encountered, stop, carefully back off. GOD may choose to You work with surrounding area, keeping in mind no benefit in barreling beyond a boundary.

Should RIB be tall ask RIB to kneel and/or source stairs-ledge.

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