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_2133DSC_1198 _2134DSC_1199

hearts throughout - but the greens over the heart were too similar in shade, and blended together to form a blob

_2135DSC_1200 _2136DSC_1201

this fabric was very resistant to dye - resulting in the large white portions

_2137DSC_1202 _2138DSC_1203

custom work for JB

_2139DSC_1204 _2140DSC_1205

neon yellow hidden image mushroom shirt with heart pocket

_2141DSC_1206 _2142DSC_1207

gnarly festival pants - v.1 - going to double dye a heart and peace sign on the larger yellow portions

_2143DSC_1208 _2144DSC_1209 _2145DSC_1210 _2146DSC_1211

hearts on chest, ohm/wave along middle, scrunch bottom, which turned out mind-boggling


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