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bodywork { everywhere } values

  1. Adapt / attune
    1. be the space
  1. Utilize embedded context – dance with the space you’re in
    1. let situational / contextual factors aid and open innovative avenues of exploration
      1. weather, crowd, number of participants, region, energy level, structures,
    2. Be the movement / voice of the place you occupy
      1. what energy wants to move through your bodily vessel
    3. Contribute to the space you inhabit –
      1. Conscious of impact on space / energy
        1. Energetic feelers extending into inhabited space
        2. Support what supports you
      2. leave it better then you found it
        1. whether cleaning up trash or in the memories of positive or transformation activities of those whom you shared movement with
      3. Bountiful / boundaries
        1. Give from abundance
          1. First check in and care for self, from a place of bounty, let giving love overflow
    1. Tension - all is well if you can relax and breathe into it, if a protective contraction occurs, one has gone too far / fast
    2. – back up and work with the surrounding areas and connective tissues before interacting with the area again. If the sensitive area still needs work approach it like a startled animal, listen deeper, and gain trust through respect and sensitivity
  1. Compassionate
    1. abundant patience
      1. first do nothing / hold space for what is already present
        1. know the shape, feeling, roots, history,
        2. how little can you do/work to cause intended effect
    2. Space holding
  2. Dedicated / dynamic
    1. Breathe into discomfort
    2. Go into fear
      1. what is the root of the scare reflex?
    1. Listen deeper
  1. How deep can you dive, melting into water?
    1. let it go
  1. allow all to move through vessel without attachment
    1. when it doubt, wait it out
  1. return to stillness, center, plumb line
    1. be soft stay open
  1. softness is strength
  2. strong suppleness
  1. Ecstatic Empathetic embodiment
    1. Invite others to play
  2. Flow is slow

Bodyworming guidelines

  1. Tune into self-body
    1. You are the expert of your experience
      1. Bodily, emotional
    2. be honest about what you don’t know
      1. humble, refer to others who may be a better fit, act as a connector
  1. own your stuff
    1. take care of it


contact guidelines

hold space for expansion (into the emergent edge)

contact before touch

wait for invitation

an invitation is not perpetual and needs to be renewed

occupy your body

follow interest

be a dancer first (sexual beast second)

pursue the dance, not the person

the dance is the relationship, and an end in itself

as deep in as far out

self-perception = response-ability

flow in and out

don’t take preferences personally

make roles explicit

go in generous and unattached

no grasping, wanting, needing, obligation

meet through giving gift, inclusive, welcome

touch communicates interest

interpret/think less, feel more

surrender into being cared for without obligation

bodywork { everywhere } steps

  1. tune into self body
  2. tune into other body consensually
  3. techniques of the style / advanced topics in consent

Tuning into self-body

When we tune into our bodily experience we gain access to the vast knowledge of the unconscious that is filtered by our ‘immediate survival’ orientated mind. The conscious mind receives a torret of stimuli from the unconscious which it them reduces and categorized based on direct impact on survival. When we reconnect directly with the unconscious we return to the primal realm of gut feelings and intuition. When we are in touch with this aspect of ourselves we have direct guidance from our internal truth compass. Listening to this voice reduces overthinking, indecision, and flakiness. Connection to our internal compass opens us into honesty with ourselves about the aspects of the decision / situation that speaks to our inner passion and those that still need to be negotiated / shaped to be in full harmonic alignment with our highest purpose. When expand our consciousness into the unconscious through attentiveness to bodily intuition we are able to access all of the sensory input our body is receiving and use a greater amount of the processing power of our whole mental system (not just the sliver that is our conscious awareness). When we connect to the wisdom of the body we return to a level of uncomplicated clarity and passion, able to realign in each moment to the wealth of new information provided by our senses. If we can remember how to listen, our internal truth compass speaks loudly.

The end of external expertise of internal experience

Ultimately, you are the expert of your own internal experience, comprising your bodily state, feelings, emotions, and intuitions. The current mainstream paradigm liberates us from thinking for ourselves and grants authority to experts (eg. allopathic medicine) who often obfuscate knowledge through the use of profession-specific jargon unintelligible to a layperson (law is a classic example).  When we reclaim authority over our own experience, we also have to accept personal responsibility for taking care of ourselves as true adults rather then acting as obedient children. Although it is possible to learn techniques to aid you in tuning into your inner state, be wary of anyone who says they know more about your personal experience then you do.

Extrapolating to Other Body

Once we are well-versed in our inner experience and have explored our personal likes and dislikes we can then apply this process of self-knowing to interacting with others. Although all people are different, we are more alike than we are dissimilar. Through our own winnowing / carving process we can explore the spectrum between polarities and find where our preferences fall. This allows us to both understand the full range of preference as well as appreciate the discovery process and respect the preferences of others. In conjunction with knowing our preferences comes an understanding of our hard and soft boundaries.


Expansion – gentle probing pressure flexing boundary beyond standard setting

Rebound –

Penetration punctures boundary resulting in flood

Teaching attunement – attention to inner process

What is a hug-justment?

A portmanteau of hug and adjustment, a hug-justment is a two minute tune up – a realignment of the chest and spine. Often a hug-justment is accompanied by a release in the pressure of the spine and a palpable, sonic sounding as space is created between the vertebrae. However, an addiction to crack is discouraged, as not all folks with crack and attachment to expecting this outcome is wack.


Preparing for a hug-justment : guidelines for receivers

  1. Put down your burdens
    1. Put down everything you can – bags, expectations,  responsibilities for paying attention to external situations outside of your internal experience
    2. Free your extremities – have your limbs free
  2. Bare your heart
    1. remove sharpness (necklaces, harnesses, thorny emotional protection)
    2. shed/peel as many clothing layers in front of your chest as you can
  3. Relax
    1. open your chest with preparatory deep breaths
    2. shake out nervousness and tension by bouncing on the balls of your feet
  4. Consciously enter into contact
    1. Attune to the energetic field of the other person
    2. Not jittery jumpy energy / first contact, but a slow slide in flow
  5. , let you weight go - you are held and supported
  6. Exhale, melt, drop down into the earth

These steps allow the hug-juster to gain maximum leverage when working with your body. This reduces the strain on the giver, by minimizing the circumference


guidelines for givers :

Go slow, if you encounter a physical or energetic barrier, there is no benefit to you or the receiver to attempt to barrel through it. This is not only non-consensual, but against the principal of only going as far as the receiver is interested in going. (Early on in my hug-justment

        1. Hug-justment
              1. Put down your burdens
              2. Open chest - uncover your heart
              3. Breathe into belly
              4. Let weight go, you are held
              5. Surrender provides leverage for depth


Before beginning the work - Preparation sequence :

    1. Tend your temple
      1. Bio-break, check in with your bodily state, what position does it want to rest in, are there any places that want to be avoided/need extra love, use the restroom, do a little stretch shake, body scan
    1. Put down your burdens
      1. Prepare to die to your old self
      2. Shake out nervousness, get ready to melt
    1. Open chest, uncover
      1. Remove necklaces, unzip and slip arms into jacket - less material between hearts
    1. Breathe into belly
      1. Create space
    1. Let your weight go
      1. Used for leverage
    1. Surrender
      1. Let go


Be clean


Guidelines in approaching the temple

My body is my temple – here is how to honor the gift

  1. Be clean – showered, smelling good (wash your clothes, when you eat animals you smell like the dead flesh you consumed especially you have sweated all day and the bacteria are feasting, brush your teeth and take care of your mouth, handle your foot fungus; also be clear of mind – not drunk, don’t have impure or laviscious expectations)
  2. Cut your nails (I have been gouged by long toenails and scratched by fingernails – be conscientious of your partners skin and shorten your claws, alternatively wear gloves)


Pursue highest most resonant hell yes of parties involved


Bodywork everywhere, touch education, physical DJ, social engineer, social labor, speak to nervious system, unwind trauma, welcomer, body bliss, touch teacher, assistant, ignitor, facilitator, included, educator, surrogate, practice


social dance (ecstatic) guidelines

respect skill, knowledge, value depth of healing, depth of trance, number of dancers, location (fast middle slow edges)




what moves you?

How can you make yourself more comfortable?

How can you love (yourself) more?

ask for how you can support what is happening

give support in the ways it can be received

distance from your life work is loss of unique perspective


Spontaneity, patience, slowness, sensuality, play


I know almost nothing, but this is what I know :

Living the world of my dreams = a world I want to wake up in

Living the world I want to wake up in

Royalty = responsibility