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How to live like a millionaire while being broke /

how millionaires live - how to live the good life without the bank

what an artist learned from working for a silicon valley mogul

  1. Health is wealth – take care of yourself (body vessel)
    1. Morning smoothies
    2. Supplements
      1. B12
      2. Flax oil
  • Vitamin d
  1. Drink enough water
    1. Helps with detoxification
  2. Physical activity
    1. Trainer (youtube)
  3. Meditate
  4. Read books
    1. No junk food for your brain – only highly enriching/engaging media intake
  5. Get enough sleep
    1. Tempurpedic
  6. Get tested
    1. know what you are working with in your body and environment
      1. dust, pests, rodents, chemicals in external home and office environment
    2. Food, environmental, chemical allergies
    3. Then remediate
      1. Air purifier
      2. remove down if sensitive to it
  • Plants
  1. Optimize body/brain function
    1. Eat for nourishment
      1. Eat with others
    2. Make time for friends / lovers
      1. Make time for pleasure, love, and romantic relationships
      2. Social activities / ties
        1. Dinner parties, social dancing, book / discussion clubs
        2. Conferences /special interest groups
  • Strength in social ties – go out!
  1. Minimalist
    1. Wear clothes that fit your lifestyle and make you look and feel good
    2. Focus less on possessions and more on activities and experiences
  2. Travel
    1. Work while you travel
    2. Network
    3. Drive with others – carpool
  3. Know your strengths
    1. Ask for help when you need it
      1. Ask experts / friends for advice
        1. What they would do in a given situation
      2. Get coached on your weaknesses
  • Have advisors to ask
    1. Circles of specialty
  1. Develop a specialty / niche
  2. Outsource the rest (especially in your weaknesses)
    1. Trades, barter, websites that help with this
  3. You time and attention are the most valuable items you have, minimize their waste
  1. Invest in the best
    1. Spend money knowing it is for lifetime or long life products or investment in yourself for the long term
  2. Creativity / goals
    1. Have dreams, make them real
      1. Work on them every day, even if in a small way
    2. Take calculated risks – they can pay off
    3. Failure is a learning experience
    4. Know and Ask for what you want
    5. Jot down your ideas on paper
      1. Notebooks, whiteboard
    6. Think strategically
      1. Especially when communicating with others / in work groups
    7. Treat people well – especially those that work for you
    8. Be humble
      1. Share the credit for successes and failures