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to [ah.part]

to [one whom I out-thought of giving myself to]



I am able to breathe in our distance :

For in proximity to you I become breathless.


body - billions of triumphantly buzzing trumpets,

effortlessly etching aching effervescence,

pretermitting the typical time to sustain a smile

searing shadow bone-bound


Short-circuited by zesty electric potentiality, lightning pickling prickling skin,

heated heartbeats : melting molten wax,

warm wetness, rising swell

spewing deep-dark volcanoes,

cavernous crevices - oceanic openness


Awakening ancient dormant forms,

caterwauling creatures clamoring without cessation for culmination,

creative combination – concrete manifestation of this meeting of minds

massively multiplied mutation of magnetic magnitude

so this is magic


Why have I waited, dancing in the space between enacted realities?

a past wish to present a polished wholeness of self: solid, certain, complete,

previous : paralyzed in promulgation of passion, frozen in fright of marring possibility,

present : brave, fear of failure fading

owning my unfolding

welcoming my wildness as where wonder wanders without want

Free to seek wisdom as it wills


waveform drifting upon the play of potential – collapsed through choice into cupped container

foundation offering broad backbone from which to bloom forth

No longer sepulchral specter / slumbering spectator :

Although each act of creation is the destruction of all other possibilities,

finding freedom in restriction


& even as our strides strive towards separation

I bless your journey as you walk your path

May you know your stroll has swayed at least one soul to song

~ expression ~

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